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Quote of the Day

“I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that.” 
― Brian AndreasStory People: Selected Stories & Drawings of Brian Andreas

Country Music Friday - "Helluva Life" by Frankie Ballard

Love this part of the song! "...Bad times make the good times better, Look in her eyes and you're gone forever..."

Norah (The McKades of Texas, Book 2) Cover Reveal and Teaser!

So I still don't have an official release date for Norah but I just wanted to share a few things with you to tide you over until the story comes out :) First up...the cover :

Well...what do y'all think? I personally love it. And now for a little teaser :) Please keep in mind that this novel is still a work in progress. It has not been edited and minor tweaks may happen upon final editing. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the following excerpt and as always thank you for reading! *********************      She was on her way back towards the bar with her empty tray in hand when a man pushed his chair back from his table and stood abruptly, knocking into Norah in the process. Stumbling backward, she thought she’d found her footing but her boot slipped in something, no doubt some of the beer left over from that jerk earlier, and the next thing she knew her feet were flying out from underneath her.      Her tray went flying back as she braced herself for the fall on the har…

Blog Tour Stop! "Gallagher's Choice" by MK McClintock

The Book
He finally had a family to call his own.
She now knew what it meant to risk it all. Together they had a chance to find peace at last.

Eliza Gallagher is tough, resilient, and rides a horse like she was born in the saddle. All necessary qualities for someone who runs a cattle ranch.  She had more to avenge than any of them and she was counting on those skills to finally find the justice they all sought -- until she realized it could cost her everything and everyone she loved. 

Ramsey Hunter finally knew what it was to have a family and what it took to keep that family together. He knew coming back wouldn’t be easy, but he never imagined what he would have to risk to keep it. 

Eliza got him home; now Ramsey has to do whatever it takes to save her life and help bring peace to Hawk’s Peak. Print | Kindle | Nook | AllRomance

Five Questions for MK Tell us a bit about yourself. To put it simply, I’m a country/mountain girl at heart (and in truth) who bakes to relax, hikes just to stand on a …

Blog Tour Stop! "Fiery Bride" by Cynthia Woolf

Today I am pleased to be hosting author Cynthia Woolf on her blog tour for "Fiery Bride"! Cynthia is joining us today with a guest post on what it takes to create that perfect hero for her books. Enjoy!

Creating heroes in Westerns by Cynthia Woolf
I had to think about what I do when I create a hero in one of my westerns.  He has to be bigger than life.  Think, John Wayne in the western movies of a time gone by.  Big.  Strong.  He must have a strict sense of justice and be an upstanding citizen.  Although, he and my heroine might make love before marriage, he knows there will be a marriage.  And if the heroine doesn’t want to get married, he will do everything in his power to change her mind. He’s a wonderful father.  Teaching his children, sons or daughters, to ride, rope and shoot with the best of them. My heroes are also caring and gentle.  They know their strength and make sure to rein it in when dealing with the heroine.  No matter how obstinate or ornery she gets he never p…