A BIG Thank You & an Extended Teaser from LUKE!

Can you believe that Luke's book is ONE week old today! I can't even begin to tell y'all how pumped I am by all of the love his book is receiving. Thank you to each and every one of you who have purchased and read his book. Thank you for the lovely reviews! Thank you for sharing the love! I honestly could not do this without y'all. Writing (as hard as it can be sometimes) is the easy part. Getting your book out into the world is the hard part, and I am so thankful to have dedicated readers like you sharing and recommending my books to your friends and other avid readers! And if you're a new reader and still on the fence about reading Luke's book, here's an extended teaser for you :) 

Happy reading!

Karlie’s breath stuck in her throat as Luke’s mouth worked over hers—possessive, intense, and demanding. Her reaction was instant and unstoppable as her body responded to his demands, drawing her limp arms up and around his neck and giving in to the pleasure as she desperately clung to him.

“People are staring,” she warned him again as Luke dove back in for another toe-curling kiss.

“I don’t care,” he murmured, his mouth softening as he feathered kisses over her lips and framed her face in his hands. “Not one. Single. Bit.” Emphasizing each word with a lazy kiss before he drew back slightly.

Words now stuck in her throat as she stared at him with a million questions flashing through her eyes and her heart racing within her chest.

“You’re mine, Slick.” The pad of his thumb swept over her cheek, making her eyes close as she nuzzled into his palm. He turned her face back to his, demanding her attention. “All mine. And it’s about damn time everyone knew that.”

A smirk played at her lips as her heart soared from his words. “You askin’ me to go steady, cowboy?”

His returning cocky grin made her stomach muscles flutter. “Not askin’.” His fingers traced the outline of her face before brushing her hair behind her ear. “I knew you’d ruin me.” He leaned in. “Knew that once I got a taste of you, of these lips.” His mouth brushed against hers. “Of your skin.” His lips ghosted over her jaw and down her neck. “All of you,” he whispered in a husky breath against her ear as his hand roamed south along her body, making her breath catch. “I knew I’d be in over my head. And now here I am, drowning in you and all that you are. And I’ll be damned if I want to break the surface.”

An all new friends-to-lovers standalone romance in the McKades of Texas series from bestselling author Kimberly Lewis!

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