One Week Away!

Oh my gosh, y'all! Can you believe that we're ONE WEEK AWAY from the release of Luke's book? I'm am so ridiculously excited to finally have this book completed for you, and I am so looking forward to next Tuesday! I hope y'all love Luke and Karlie as much as I do 😍 You all have been so patient and so freaking kind during this way too long writing process, and I can't thank you enough! But ... in an effort to show my love and appreciation for each and every one of you, dear readers, I've shared an extended teaser from the graphic below. Enjoy!

Extended excerpt from Luke:

“And just how long exactly have you really liked me?”
She worried her bottom lip. “A while.”
A heavy breath of air blew past his lips as her confession sank in. “Why didn’t you say anything before now?”
“Nervous?” Karlie shrugged her shoulder. “Maybe a little scared, I guess.”
“Of me?”
“Of course not,” Karlie replied and let out a soft, short laugh which seemed to cut through some of the nervous tension that had quickly filled the interior of the Suburban.
“Then what?” Luke asked, smiling now that Karlie had started to relax a bit.
They pulled onto the dirt lane leading to the ranch, and Luke slowed the SUV so he and Karlie could finish their chat in private and without the chance of interruptions.
“I suppose I was just scared of how you’d react or what you’d say.”
What was he supposed to say? He’d had a feeling all along that something like this was going on, but now that it was out in the open? Luke sat there in stunned silence, trying to figure out how he was going to handle this. For a fraction of a minute, he couldn’t help himself and entertained the idea of taking Karlie up on her offer. The whole forbidden affair thing had his mind and his heart racing. Sneaking around with her and doing all the things his imagination had conjured up since seeing her yesterday morning did sound rather appealing.
But he couldn’t.
As much as he wanted to—and, man, did he want too—he just couldn’t do it. He knew better than to go there with Karlie, but what was he supposed to do now? Avoiding her was out of the question, not when they were supposed to be working together for the summer. Plus, he’d have some serious explaining to do to his family if he just dropped the ball and didn’t help out as planned—and if anything, he wanted to avoid that even more.
Damn it.
“I know that look,” Karlie said softly, her voice snapping him out of his thoughts.
“And what look would that be?”
“When you want something but know you shouldn’t have it.” Her touch was feather light as she made lazy circles along his arm. “There’s always going to be a reason holding you back from what you want.” Her fingertips glided up to the end of his t-shirt and played with a tiny hole near the seam as she glanced up to him with desire filled eyes. “But there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘the hell with it’ and doing it anyway.”
Glancing down at her hand, Luke felt the heat build beneath his shirt as she continued to toy with the tear, before looking back those gorgeous eyes of hers. He parked the SUV next to the house and took in a much-needed breath, catching a hint of Karlie’s fragrance—the warm vanilla scent filled his lungs and reminded him of cupcakes. Just wondering if her skin would taste as sweet had his mouth watering. Luke closed his eyes and shook his head as he tried to gain control. “I’m trying to be good here, Karlie,” he said as his hand closed over hers, stopping her tease. “But you’re making it damn hard to resist.”
She grinned softly before running her tongue along her bottom lip then dragging her teeth behind it. The action appeared to be an unconscious one, but holy hell was it hot. “So don’t.”
A low noise, closely resembling a growl, emanated from deep down in Luke’s chest as he watched Karlie, wanting—no, needing—to taste those luscious lips for himself.
The screen door leading to the kitchen opened and his mother stepped out onto the porch, waving a bandaged hand and smiling in their direction.
        Slowly opening the passenger side door, Karlie hopped out but stopped and turned to him with a devilish gleam in her eye. “Your move, cowboy.”

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Thank you so much, MK!!!!