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Audiobook Tour ~ Luke ~ Stop #2

Boy oh boy! Today's tour stop is jam-packed with goodies! We've got an interview, we've got a Top 10 list, we've got an exclusive sound clip. Did I mention there's a giveaway too? Please visit Tiffany Williams and me today on the Dab of Darkness Reviews Blog for some behind the scenes of making Luke!

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Audiobook Tour ~ Luke ~ Stop #1

My tour for Luke's audiobook starts today and I'm so excited! And adding to my excitement is this awesome review posted on the Hopeless Romantic blog--5 stars, y'all!.  My narrator Tiffany Williams did such an amazing job bringing these characters to life, and I hope you guys will definitely check it out. Be sure to let us know if you do!
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A BIG Thank You & an Extended Teaser from LUKE!

Can you believe that Luke's book is ONE week old today! I can't even begin to tell y'all how pumped I am by all of the love his book is receiving. Thank you to each and every one of you who have purchased and read his book. Thank you for the lovely reviews! Thank you for sharing the love! I honestly could not do this without y'all. Writing (as hard as it can be sometimes) is the easy part. Getting your book out into the world is the hard part, and I am so thankful to have dedicated readers like you sharing and recommending my books to your friends and other avid readers! And if you're a new reader and still on the fence about reading Luke's book, here's an extended teaser for you :) 
Happy reading!

Karlie’s breath stuck in her throat as Luke’s mouth worked over hers—possessive, intense, and demanding. Her reaction was instant and unstoppable as her body responded to his demands, drawing her limp arms up and around his neck and giving in to the pleasure as she…

Surprise! Luke's book is live on Amazon!

𝑺𝑼𝑹𝑷𝑹𝑰𝑺𝑬! 𝑳𝒖𝒌𝒆'𝒔 𝒃𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝒊𝒔 𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝑨𝒎𝒂𝒛𝒐𝒏 𝑨𝑵𝑫 𝒐𝒏 𝒔𝒂𝒍𝒆 𝒇𝒐𝒓 $2.99 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒌! Luke will be available on all other retailers tomorrow as planned and will be coming to audiobook very soon ðŸ˜˜ I am so excited and can't wait for you to dive into Luke and Karlie's love story! Please feel free to reach out to me after you read it to let me know what you think. Hope this surprise makes your Monday great ðŸ˜Happy reading! ▪️ Amazon:
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One Week Away!

Oh my gosh, y'all! Can you believe that we're ONE WEEK AWAY from the release of Luke's book? I'm am so ridiculously excited to finally have this book completed for you, and I am so looking forward to next Tuesday! I hope y'all love Luke and Karlie as much as I do 😍 You all have been so patient and so freaking kind during this way too long writing process, and I can't thank you enough! But ... in an effort to show my love and appreciation for each and every one of you, dear readers, I've shared an extended teaser from the graphic below. Enjoy!

Extended excerpt from Luke:

“And just how long exactly have you really liked me?” She worried her bottom lip. “A while.” A heavy breath of air blew past his lips as her confession sank in. “Why didn’t you say anything before now?” “Nervous?” Karlie shrugged her shoulder. “Maybe a little scared, I guess.” “Of me?” “Of course not,” Karlie replied and let out a soft, short laugh which seemed to cut through some of the nervous …

Want to become one of Kimberly's ARC Readers?

Hello, Dearest Reader! Can you believe that we're 19 days away from the release of Luke? Gah! I can barely stand it. I have been literally waiting years for this moment (you too!), and it's so close. Are you as excited as I am? Well, hold on tight to that excitement because I'm about to (hopefully) add to it. I'm looking for some dedicated readers to become part of my new ARC group. What's required, you ask? Well, it's simple. When I have a new book (*coughs Luke*) I'll send you a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Sound good? I hope so! If you're interested in being a part of my team, please read and complete the form below. Thank you so much and, as always, happy reading!
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Cover Reveal for Luke!!!

Oh my gosh, do y'all realize just how HARD it's been for me to keep this cover blurred? I have been waiting for this moment and it's finally here! Do y'all love it as much as I do? And are you ready for Luke?
Coming August 7, 2018!

This cowboy's about to be branded …
For years, Karlie Kyle has had it bad for Luke McKade—wishing he'd see her as something more than just a shy girl in braided pigtails. But now that she's all grown up, she's ready to stake her claim and brand the heart of the sexy, smooth-talking cowboy who "can't be tamed."
Punched with lust from the moment he sees her again, Luke is shocked when he realizes that little Karlie Jo isn't so little anymore. When she tempts him with a proposition he just can't refuse, he's happy to oblige—𝘵𝘦𝘮𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘭𝘺. Karlie is willing to play along, but her heart is set on forever. As raw desire sparks something deeper, can Karlie convince Luke that rules are meant to be broke…
Happy #TeaserTuesday, y'all!!! With the cover reveal of Luke coming this Thursday (how excited are you for that?!) and his book less than a month away from being in your more than patient hands, I thought it'd be fun to surprise you with a teaser from his book :) Enjoy!!!

“I’m going to put you down now,” Luke said softly. “But don’t think for a second that I don’t have a backup plan for if you try to run away.”
Karlie snorted. “What are you going to do? Tie me up?”
Silence hovered for a heavy moment before Luke replied, “Well, I do have some bailing twine in my tool-box, and I am pretty good with knots.” He gave a gentle squeeze to her thigh.
Surprised, she let out a cross between a gasp and a moan before her cheeks flamed red.
“What’s it going to be?”
She moistened her lips and took in a calming breath. “I’ll be good.”
“Wise choice.” Loosening his grip, Luke carefully let Karlie down from his shoulder, the action forcing the hem of her shirt up to her ribcage. The moment her …

Cover & Blurb Reveal for LUKE - Blogger Signup Form :)


I'm SO excited for the release of my new sexy cowboy romance, Luke: The McKades of Texas #3 (Releasing Summer 2018), and would love your help spreading the word. This book means so much to me, and I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I love Luke and how his story turned out. It’s light, funny, steamy (wink wink) and filled with plenty of McKade updates—plus a cowgirl who really gives him a run for his money.
Thank you so much for considering being a part of the release! I really, really appreciate you taking the time to read this and everything that you do! Blogger sign up: Thank you again!

Coming Soon ...

Hey, y'all! I've got some really exciting news ...

I've finally finished writing Luke's book!

I can't even begin to explain just how excited and terrified I am at the same time. It's been *covers mouth and mumbles* since I've released a McKade book, and I am so sorry for that. Not gonna lie, Luke's book was tough. The original outline I had planned out just didn't work after I wrote the other two, so it was back to the drawing board. And then things were moving too fast and then too slow ... it's been a process, that's for sure. But it's done and I can't wait to get his story into your hands! My editor is currently doing her thing and I'm impatiently waiting and trying to keep myself busy with all of the other fun activities that come with releasing a new book. I'm planning a cover and blurb reveal that I will announce soon :) And while his book is currently not available for pre-order, you CAN add it to your TBR list on Goodr…

Release Blitz: ONE LAST TIME by Corinne Michaels

One Last Time by Corinne Michaels Release Date: February 26th, 2018 Genre: Contemporary Romance

From New York Times bestselling author, Corinne Michaels, comes a new heartwarming standalone romance.
I’m getting really good at cutting my losses. First, the husband. Divorcing him was the best decision I ever made. But between single-parenting and job-hunting, I can’t catch my breath. When a celebrity blogging position falls into my lap, I’m determined to succeed. That is, until I get my first assignment and actually see Noah Frazier for the first time . . . practically naked and dripping wet. My heart races and I forget how to form complete sentences. His chiseled abs, irresistible smirk, and crystal blue eyes are too perfect to be real. So, what do I do? Get drunk and humiliate myself, of course. I’m ready to forget the awkward night, yet Noah has no intention of allowing me to move on. Instead, he arranges for me to write a feature on him, ensuring a lot more time together. One embarrassin…

Confessions of a Romance Author

“What is the first piece of creative writing you remember creating?”
This was asked today in a writing group I belong to, and I didn’t have to think hard at all to come up with the answer. My mind immediately flashed back to seven-year-old me, sitting in my bedroom and frantically adding the last few touches of color to my very first “book” before catching the bus to school.  Created on lined notebook paper and bound with staples, it was beautiful.  It was a masterpiece.  It was … a short story about a giant piece of broccoli who was a detective.
Coming soon to a book store near you …  Detective Broccoli Written and Illustrated by Kimberly Lewis
It sounds about as awesome as it was. I’d taken one of earth’s most despised vegetables, popped him in Sherlock Holmes attire, and set him off on a mission to help a poor little girl find her missing text book so she wouldn’t be late for school (spoiler alert: it was on her bed the whole time).
This memory, although light-hearted and super fu…

Today Only!

From bestselling author Kimberly Lewis comes the heart-gripping story of a sweet second chance at a hidden love...

Four years ago, my world fell apart. There was no “goodbye.” No explanation. So I moved on—unwilling to let the heartache consume me—and learned to cherish the memories for what they were and not what they could've been. I thought my heart had mended, and that I was happy.

But I was wrong…

Blog Tour: LIVING OUT LOUD by Staci Hart

Living Out Loud, an all-new emotional standalone from Staci Hart is available NOW!
Bestselling author Staci Hart brings you another installment of the Austen Series, inspired by the works of Jane Austen, with a heartfelt contemporary retelling of Sense and Sensibility.
When Annie Daschle arrives in New York City, the only thing she can control is her list.
Not her father’s death or the loss of her home. Not the hole in her heart or the defective valve that’s dictated so much of her life. But she can put pen to paper to make a list of all the ways she can live out loud, just like her dad would have wanted.
See the city from the top of the Empire State Building: Check. Eat hot dogs on the steps of The Met: Check. Get a job at Wasted Words: Check.
What wasn’t on her list: Greg Brandon. And just when she thinks she’s figured out where to put him, everything changes. In the span of a few staggering heartbeats, she finds herself her caught in the middle of something she can’t find her way out of, …