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Snazzy New Covers!

Good morning, beautiful people! I’m going to jump right into this post because I am just so excited to share with you these GORGEOUS new covers for my MCKADES OF TEXAS series J

Do you love them as much as I do?! I had been debating on updating them for quite some time now, but held off because—really?—there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the old ones. But I just couldn’t help feeling like the covers weren’t portraying the story inside (plus I’ve gotten better at Photoshop, lol). I love having each couple on their book and the little elements I pulled from their stories to create the new covers (Andi’s beat up truck on Zane’s cover, and Chase’s inherited house on Norah’s cover … horses on Luke’s cover … I’ll share that one when I’m closer to the end of his book J ). These new beauties will go live on bookseller's sites this week.
That’s all for now! I hope y’all have a great day and a great week!

Same Great Story ... Just A New Look :)

My very first book turned 6 this year! Hard to believe it's been that many years already, but it's been a very exciting ride. This book will always hold a special place in my heart because it's what got me here (and it was my very first best seller!). So to honor this lovely story, I decided to spiff it up a bit. The NEW cover represents the original cover (click here if you want to see that one) and I also updated the blurb (I've grown so much as an author and I just felt that the original blurb wasn't doing the story any justice).

I hope you love it as much as I do! 

xoxo, Kimberly
Misty Prescott had the perfect life—emphasis on the “had”. Cookie-cutter house? Gone. Gated neighborhood with quiet streets? Gone. Cheating jerk of a husband? Glad to be gone. With nowhere else to go, she returns to her hometown and back to her parents’ ranch. Living in her old room again was never part of her plan, but then again, neither was falling for her childhood …