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Bad Blogger/Bad Writer

I am fully embracing this title because it is 100% TRUE! I am terrible at this blogging thing. I’m terrible at all things social media. Do I mean to be? Nope. Do I like engaging with readers on the internet? Absolutely! So let’s catch-up!
I’m sure those of you who read my books are wondering what the heck is taking me so long with getting Luke’s book completed. That’s been the most popular email I receive, and everyone gets the same reply, “I’m working on it, I swear.” And it’s true. I am working on it. But here’s the thing … writing is not my full time job. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I wish it was, but sadly it is not. My life goes Family & Friends > Home > Work > Writing. I have a husband, two kids (that are growing up way to fast), and two beloved pups that I soak up as much time as I can with because, cliché as it is, life is too short. Writing was a lot easier seven years ago when life wasn’t so busy. When I wrote WHEN THE HEART FALLS I banged that ou…