Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Teaser Tuesday! First excerpt from WHAT'S LEFT OF ME!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you had a great (and safe) holiday weekend! We were a little unsure what Hermine was going to do, but got very lucky with just some wind and rain on Saturday. When Sunday rolled around, and the sun was shining again, we took the kids crabbing for their first time ever and met up with some friends of ours. It was a great way to say goodbye to summer :)

With my big cover reveal for WHAT'S LEFT OF ME coming tomorrow I figured I'd celebrate a day early by giving you a sneak peek of Jenna and Cole :) I am so excited to finally release this book, and I can't believe that the actual release day is less than a month away now! Once I have those pre-order links available I'll be sure to share them. 

I hope you all have an amazing day! 

Excerpt from 
by Kimberly Lewis

Resting my hand in the crook of his arm, I set my drink down on a random table as we walk across the lawn to the dance floor and follow in step with the other couples. Cole takes my hand in his as he turns me to face him and rests his other hand against my side. I shoot him a smirk and raise my eyebrow at his choice of hand placement.
“Just trying to keep things PG while we’re in public.” His expression morphs into that sly grin he uses when he’s up to no good. “Later, when we’re not in public, it’ll be a whole other story.”
My eyes widen and dart around the immediate surrounding area, because he did not say that discretely. At all. “Cole,” I chide with a harsh whisper.
“Relax, baby,” he tells me as we continue to sway with the soft melody. “No one is paying any attention to us right now.”
I glance around again, shrinking against the ridiculous number of people that keep looking our way, before meeting his gaze. “Cole, everyone is paying attention to us.”
“Let ‘em. They’re probably just wondering how I got lucky enough to dance with the most beautiful woman here.”
Amusement tickles the corners of my mouth at his flattery. “Are you trying to butter me up for something?”
“Now why would I do that?” he asks, tilting his head to the side. It’s such an innocent move and—dare I say?—cute. I keep that comment to myself, because if I know Cole he’d immediately deny his cuteness and demand a more masculine description.
“Oh I don’t know,” I say on a sigh, my voice light and teasing. “One would think your sweet talking would strengthen your chance of sleeping with me, but I might remind you that that’s already happened. A lot.”
Cole releases a deep chuckle. “No need to remind me. My memory is quite good.” On the next slow turn, he pulls my body to his and lowers his voice to a sexy rumble. “Every moan. Every gasp. Every quiver and tremble. I’ve got it all memorized, baby, along with what prompted them.”

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