Random Wednesday Post

^ How do you like that post title? LOL. I'm not really a fan of titling my blog posts, mainly because I just never know what to call them.


I missed a few blogging days so I thought I'd stop in real quick and say "Hi." Luke's book has been keeping me pretty busy, and I know I keep saying this but I'm having SO much fun writing it. As with my other books, I have my trusty readers (aka. my mom and my best friend) on task of reading the story as I write it. They are loving it so far! One of my favorite comments was from my best friend the other day. She texted me after reading what I'd just given her and said, "OMG! I am cracking up over here." I love bringing humor into my stories and giving people a little chuckle with my characters' antics :)

Hope y'all are having an awesome day!