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Making It Happen

I feel like this year is getting away from me! Last week I was thrown into a new schedule and am working on making sure I have enough time in my day to get everything done. Unfortunately I didn't get much writing time in last week and I am so annoyed about that--I think I am most annoyed that I left my characters mid chapter (I usually like to finish a complete chapter before calling it quits on writing for the day/night). There is still a lot of work that needs to be completed on Norah before I can turn it over to my editor. I am still hoping to have it out by the end of this year and I'm going to bust my butt so I can do my best to make that happen. Thank you all so much for the emails asking about Norah and letting me know how much you loved Zane! I hate that I've left you all hanging for over a year now but I really appreciate you sticking this out with me! I promise to keep you posted on my progress and when I have a set release date I'll let you all know. Have a …

And The Results Are....

"I need some closure! You’re the type of reader who NEEDS to know exactly how the couple’s lives ended up.  You want to know exactly how the couple’s “happily ever after” happens with no detail spared."

It was a unanimous vote here on the blog! I had a few comments left on my Facebook page stating that they didn't care as long as the story was good :) Thank you all so much for your input! Hope you have a great weekend!

"Happily Ever After" Poll

Everyone has their own thoughts on how a romance novel should end. Some of us like for the author to give us just enough closure so we know that they couple did indeed end up together, but we don't necessarily need to know anything past that. The rest of us want to know all the details about our couple’s "happily ever after" (marriage, kids, etc). So this is just a fun poll I've put together to find out what you—the reader—wants in a novel. I'll let this run for a week or two and post the results once I have them. Thanks in advance for participating! Your opinion is important. Feel free to leave a comment on this post as well!

Back In The Saddle

Yesterday was quite an exciting day for me. I got to go horseback riding for the first time in almost two years! I'm not going to lie, I was very nervous. I was going to be riding a horse I had never been on before (and that always makes me a little uneasy) and since I hadn't been on a horse in so long I had lost a lot of my confidence. But once we got saddled up and I was on it all came back to me and I had a great time!

Here we are all saddled up and ready to go! This is my brother's horse, Emira. He was nice enough to let me ride her. Isn't she beautiful :)

This is my dad and me after the ride was over :) 

And here's one of my brother and me, too :)

Such a fun day and I can't wait to do it again! It's so nice getting back to doing one of the things I love most!