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Tour Stop! "The Devil's Elbow" by Ed Londergan

Today I am hosting Ed Londergan on his virtual book tour for "The Devil's Elbow". Ed is joining us today with a guest post about how to avoid those rejection blues. 

Welcome Ed!

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues
Let us start with a basic fact - no one ever said this was going to be easy. Writing and being published is not for the faint of heart. It takes determination, perseverance, and hope. If you give up easily, stop writing now. 
There are a couple of ways to make sure you do not get too down on yourself. The first is to realize that it will happen. Your writing career will be filled with ups and downs so get used to it. There will be times when you are thrilled because an agent or publisher is handling your book. At other times, you will be discouraged because sales are low or nonexistent. That does not mean you are not a good writer or that people don’t love you. It means you or your publisher have to do more marketing. Writing a book is only a third of the battle; finding an agent or publisher is the second third and getting people to buy it is the last third. 
Another thing you must realize is that publishing is a business, a for profit business. If an agent does not think a publisher will be interested in your book because it does not have a wide enough audience to have significant sales, then they will not represent you. If they think your book ain’t going to make them any money, they ain’t going to publish it. 
Prepare yourself for a tidal wave of rejections. It is a fact of the writer’s life. Not everyone likes what you write. Get over it. You have a greater chance of being hit by lighting twice in the same month than you do of being the next blockbuster author with you first book. You may think is too cynical but you have to realize the reality of the situation. 
Understand that it is all about the numbers: if you query 150 agents (yes, you may have to do that many), you might get 70 or so “thanks for thinking of us but it is not right for us,” emails. You will not hear back from the rest. If they are not interested, they will not take the time to respond. It is a business decision and nothing personal. Taking the time to respond to every query they get would take up a tremendous amount of and makes no financial sense. However, all you need is one agent or publisher who thinks your book is worthwhile. The more rejections you get is an indication of how hard you are willing to work and how strongly you believe in yourself. If you know that you are a good writer, if people tell you that you know how to tell a story, that they did not want to put your book down, then you need to believe in yourself and be  willing to put in as much time and effort as necessary to get published. 
Never give up no matter many rejections you get. If you believe in yourself, then someone else will too. 

Today we welcome author Ed Londergan and his new work: "The Devil's Elbow" a thrilling historical story.


Quick Facts
Release Date: July, 2012.

Genre: Historical Fiction, history, action/adventure, romance.

Formats Available: Kindle

Book Synopsis
Set in colonial Massachusetts, The Devil’s Elbow follows Jack Parker from his orphan childhood days as an apprentice to a greedy and brutal Boston merchant to the isolated pioneer settlement of Brookfield, where he ends up in the fight of his life to protect the people and place he loves.
The knowledge Jack’s father gave him, that the measure of a man is how he deals with the worst life can throw at him, the support of the powerful man who becomes his friend, and deep, unshakeable love for the childhood girlfriend who becomes his wife, fuel Jack’s determination and will to survive. All Jack has learned on his eight year journey meets its greatest test when he and ninety-eight others are trapped in a four-room tavern for three hot, humid August days, fighting for survival against 400 once-friendly Indians, who are determined to wipe them out and reclaim their land and way of life.

PRAISE FOR "The Devil's Elbow"

Brings the 1600's Bay Colony alive.
A rousing story about tragedy, triumph, perseverance, and love. Rich in historical detail with well developed characters you will come to know. An enjoyable read from start to finish.
Jeff Lubs- August 9, 2012
A very good story:
 This book is a wonderful read. Mr. Londergan brings history to life. His depiction of life in colonial Massachusetts is right on. It reminded me of Kenneth Roberts classic story "Arundel" but much easier to read. One of the best historical novels of this era. I hope there are many more coming.

Lawrence J. Murphy - February 25, 2013


Excerpt 1
July 7, 1695
In the following pages, I will tell you a story. I am older now and some of the things I’ll relate happened more than 30 years ago although to me, it seems as if they happened only yesterday. 
While I do not consider myself an accomplished teller of stories, I will do what I can with the abilities I have, so that you will know all that happened and why. And while I do not have what many call a formal education, as mine stopped at the time this story begins, my curiosity and attention to detail has always served me well. 
Certain memories from this time make me smile, and though it was a difficult existence, there were many simple things and many people that brought me great pleasure. We tend to forget details as the year’s progress, and our memories of the good tend to outweigh the bad and I, like all other men, am subject to the same influence. 
Excerpt 2

On many a night, I’ve stood outside watching the stars twinkling and shining in the dark sky. I saw them that night through the window in the west-facing second floor room and the feeling it gave me was altogether different from past times. Instead of a pleasant sight that made me marvel, for I was always fascinated by nature’s displays, I felt a pervading sense of loneliness and despair. There we were, 99 of us, crammed into a hot, stinking house surrounded by hundreds of Indians who wanted to kill us and see us dead. Instead of being just 25 miles from Springfield to the west and Marlboro to the east, we might as well have been hundreds of miles from any civilized place.


The Author
Ed Londergan is an author and passionate storyteller who enjoys sharing his work with everyone.
He loves to write, is working on a sequel to The Devil's Elbow, and is an avid reader and an amateur colonial historian. A graduate of Holy Cross, he lives in Central Massachusetts with his wife Barbara and cat Duncan.
Find more about him at:

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