Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things About Me #1

Each week "I Am A Reader, Not A Writer" hosts a "Know Me Better" post. Now I've seen this shared on quite a few blogs I follow and thought it'd be fun to start participating. I love learning new things about people and I hope you'll enjoy learning some new things about me :) Here goes!

What story does your family always tell about you?
When I was five-years-old I was playing with this toy doctors kit that came with a pair of plastic, no-blade, scissors. I got tired of playing doctor and decided to play hair dresser instead.

You see where this is going don’t you?

I sectioned off about one to two inches smack dab in the center of my bangs and used these plastic scissors to cut my hair pretty much at the hair line. How these scissors cut my hair I still don’t know—they were plastic! Anyway, I panicked, ran to my grandmother with the chunk of hair I cut off and asked her to glue them back on.  

What kind of music do you like?
Country! But I love anything with a good beat.

Would you rather have money or fame?
Money. I know it doesn’t buy happiness but I could help a lot of people financially if I only had the money to do so.

Do you celebrate Easter? If so what is one of your traditions?
Yes! My family does celebrate Easter. The Easter Bunny visits our house and leaves baskets filled with candy eggs and presents for our children. We have an Easter egg hunt and my immediate side of the family comes over to give our kids Easter baskets and gifts. Then we head down to my in-laws and have Easter dinner—usually a fresh ham, mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce, biscuits and salad. Oh yeah, and my kids get Easter baskets there too. They might be a little spoiled :)

Best April Fools Day Joke you have done or someone has done to you?
This isn’t really an April Fool’s day prank but it is one of the best pranks I’ve ever pulled. My dad is one of those men who really loves his truck. So the night before Easter nine years ago I decided to play a prank on him by stealing his beloved truck. I enlisted in the help of my hubby (who was just my boyfriend at the time), my brother, and my cousin. We arranged for my dad’s girlfriend to steal his keys and hide them in their mailbox after my dad had gone to bed that night. So around one o’clock in the morning we snuck over to his house, got the keys from the mailbox, and had my cousin get in the driver’s seat. She put the keys in the ignition—but didn’t start it—and shifted it to neutral so my hubby, my brother and I could push it out of the driveway while she steered. Why didn’t she just start it up? My dad’s truck is loud and you can hear that thing coming from a mile away. We managed to successfully get the truck out of the driveway but my plan started to backfire when my cousin didn’t cut the steering wheel enough when the truck was out on the road and it rolled right into the ditch.


We tried our darndest to push it out but couldn’t get it to budge. So my brother took over in the driver’s seat, started the truck, and floored it out of there while the rest of us hid in the ditch. Turns out my dad’s a heavy sleeper because he never even heard the truck. We snuck back up the driveway and put a plastic toy truck where my dad’s truck had been parked and then taped a note to the front door (I hand wrote a note from the Easter Bunny saying the truck had been repossessed but to get it back all he had to do was follow the clues—like a scavenger hunt with the first clue being on the note). From there we hopped in my hubby’s SUV and drove down the street to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where we stashed my dad’s truck (and yes, they were in on the prank too). The next morning we met him at my grandmother’s house for Easter dinner and he was not a happy camper. He admitted it was a good prank but demanded his truck back. I didn’t give in that easily…I made him do the scavenger hunt :)


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