Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My "Rocky Mountain Angel" by Vivian Arend Review

Rocky Mountain Angel
By: Vivian Arend
Series: Six Pack Ranch #4
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Publish Date: November 20th 2012
ISBN: 1619211211 (ISBN13: 9781619211216)

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Western Romance

Sometimes even Angels must learn to fly…

Six Pack Ranch, Book 4

Allison Parker needs a convincing excuse to come home to Rocky Mountain House. A hopelessly romantic reason that won’t let her mother suspect the truth—that Allison has discovered Mom is keeping a terrible secret from the family.

Gabe Coleman is struggling with two of the roughest parts of ranching: dealing with his bull-headed mule of a father, and making enough to pay the bills. When his old friend Allison offers to help him develop his ideas for organic ranching—in trade for pretending to be her fiancé—it sounds like the perfect set-up.

Yet the deception leads them in an unexpected direction, where their shared daily hells are erased by nights of heavenly distraction. It’s not supposed to be real, but once the gates are opened, there’s no denying they’ve found in each other a little bit of Paradise.

To break free of the past and face the future, though, will take more than temporary pleasures. It’ll take putting their hearts on the line.

Product Warnings
Tortured hero with a guardian-angel complex, grief-stricken heroine willing to sacrifice everything for family. Break out the tissues, this trip to the ranch is a heartbreaker on the way to the HEA.

My Thoughts:
Here we are with book #4 of the Six Pack Ranch series and, just like the others, this one doesn't disappoint. In Rocky Mountain Angel we follow the story of Gabe Coleman--hardworking rancher who is always there for anyone, no matter what, while he tries his best to save his family's ranch from going bankrupt. Things take in interesting turn when Gabe's old friend Allison Parker returns to town asking a mighty big favor. She needs him to pretend to be her fiance. But even though their engagement is supposed to be only for show, the two of them soon realize that there may be more to this relationship than they expected.

What I loved about this book--besides the smokin' hot cowboy--was how natural Gabe and Allison's relationship developed. I didn't feel as though any of the things that happened between them was forced just for the sake of the story. I also loved all the different emotions that carried throughout the novel. I found myself almost crying during one particular scene as it was so depressingly sad but at the same time I was filled with anger and disgust towards a certain secondary character. And then a couple of pages later I was laughing. I love it when authors write scenes so well that the emotions almost pour from the pages. The only thing I didn't really care for in this novel was the end. It wasn't a bad ending by any means and I was definitely happy with how the characters' story ended. I just felt that the dialogue between the two right at the very end of the book was a little to Hallmark.

All in all, Gabe and Allison's story was definitely an enjoyable read. I did find it kind of mild for an erotic novel--or milder than her previous Six Pack Ranch novels--but I'm not complaining. I actually enjoyed how "clean" this one was compared to the others. If you enjoy contemporary western romances with an erotic flare than I definitely recommend you check with one out.

My Rating:
4 out of 5 stars


MK said...

I like the "product warning." :)

Kimberly Lewis said...

LOL:-) I wish I could take credit for writing that on my own, but this is the warning that is posted when you go to purchase the book. Some of them are quit humorous and others are really helpful and have saved me from purchasing some books I would not have enjoyed reading.