"Crazy for Cowboy" by Roxy Boroughs Blog Tour

Today it is my pleasure to host Roxy Boroughs on her blog tour for "Crazy for Cowboy"! Roxy is joining us today with a guest post about an interesting delicacy that is served during a dinner scene in her new novel...Curious? Keep reading:-) LOL.

Thanks for being here today, Roxy!

Thanks for inviting me to visit with you today, Kimberly. I’m so excited to be here, it puts me in the mood to party. CRAZY FOR COWBOY style.

Let me explain.

In my romantic comedy, equine veterinarian, Emily Grant, has had her share of cowboys, and they always break her heart. After vowing to give them up forever, Brandon Hollister strides into her life.

He’s a different kind of cowboy, one that works on the silver screen. Quickly, he’s caught up playing his alter ego “Houston Savage”, when all he wants to do is confess his true identity to Emily and win her love.

Here’s where the party comes in.

Brandon’s sister, thinking she’s helping her brother with his role playing, dresses up like Annie Oakley and invites Emily back to the house for a real “down home” celebration—with beans, corn dogs and prairie oysters.

To which her five year old son Liam replies, “That’s cows’ tentacles. Yuck.”

Since cows don’t have tentacles, you can imagine what he’s trying to say.

Yes, a Prairie Oyster, apart from being an award-winning country band from Canada, is a dish found across western North America, and involves deep frying battered bits of…well…the parts that are removed when a young bull is castrated.

Yuck, indeed, you may say.

Though I’ve never tasted this prairie delicacy myself—for no other reason than I’ve never seen it on a menu—I’m told it tastes like stew beef. And, apparently, it goes well with a dollop of ketchup, pictured above courtesy of Wikipedia.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, here’s a recipe I found: http://whatscookingamerica.net/History/RockyMtnOyster.htm

Or, if you prefer country music, give a listen to the toe-tapping band Prairie Oyster on YouTube. http://youtu.be/J-S_L5UjrKM

Now, that’s a party.

She’s through with cowboys. But this one’s the ‘reel’ deal.

Equine veterinarian, Emily Grant, has had her share of cowboys, and they always break her heart. After vowing to give them up forever, Brandon Hollister strides into her life.
He’s a different kind of cowboy, one that works on the silver screen. But is he just playing the part when it comes to love? Or can this sexy hunk get past a case of mistaken identity to become the man to win Emily’s heart.
"From the moment I started reading CRAZY FOR COWBOY I knew I was going to love it. There are tons of great one-liners, the characters are fun and engaging, and since I'm a sucker for a strong, sexy, vulnerable hero, I was cheering all the way for the "cowboy" to win his girl! I laughed out loud as I was reading, and found myself anxiously flipping the pages to see what would happen next. Kudos to Roxy Boroughs for spinning another winning tale. Job well done!"
– Pamela Yaye, multi-published Harlequin author.
Crazy for Cowboy Excerpt

Emily followed Houston’s line of vision down to the front of her wet blouse. Her white, cotton shirt was matted to her body, revealing her skimpy bra beneath. Even from her perspective she could see the pink tips of her breasts showing through the material. She imagined he had an even better view. In fact, she could guarantee it. His ragged breath might have been in response to their recent dash, but that fiery look in his eyes came from a more primal place.

He grasped her shoulders. A part of her prayed that he’d kiss her. The other more logical part ... well … it was kind of hopeful about it, too. She watched as he moved closer and closer, until his mouth brushed against hers.

Just say no to cowboys. Just say... “Mmmmmmm.”

His grip around her tightened as he traced a line of soft kisses along her cheek. “Emily, when can I see you again?”

“Oh, Houston,” she heard her breathless voice say, “I can’t.”

He pulled away. Slightly. “You’re not seeing someone else, are you?”

“No. It’s nothing like that.”

“Good. Then answer my question,” he whispered against her neck as he nibbled his way to her collarbone.

How could she answer? She couldn’t even think straight. “Houston,” she gasped, “we have a problem.”

He gave a low chuckle. “More than you know, darlin’, but let’s not get into that right now. We’ll approach this another way. If you weren’t going to see me again, when would be the best time to do it?”

It took her a while to figure out what he was aiming at. “I’ll be back at the ranch again this Friday, but I don’t think–”

“Friday is perfect. We can have dinner together.”

“But Houston, you don’t understand. I made a vow...” The rest of her sentence came out in a moan as his lips descended onto hers once more. This cowboy must have used liquor in his lip balm, because she was definitely getting tipsy. By the time he came up for air again, she was mush. If he hadn’t been holding onto her, she would have floated away.

“Now, I have only one question left,” he said, curling an arm around her and guiding her out of the pond. “How am I gonna get you back to your truck safely with you looking like that?”

Emily wrapped her outside arm across her chest. “Are you worried about protecting me from the other cowboys?”

“No, ma’am.” He smiled. “I’m worried about protecting you from me.

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Meet the Author
Roxy Boroughs got the acting bug in elementary school, creating skits at recess and performing them for the class, thanks to her very indulgent teacher. She went on to study theater in university, met the love of her life there, and spent many years performing in movies, commercials and on stages across Canada and the US. Soon, portraying one character wasn’t enough. She wanted to be them all. So she poured her years of drama experience into writing plays and novels.

Look for her award-winning romantic suspense A STRANGER’S TOUCH, as well as its sequel, A STRANGER’S KISS, along with a sweet, romantic comedy called CRAZY FOR COWBOY. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and her website http://www.roxyboroughs.com/.


Roxy Boroughs said…
Has anyone tried this dish? Think you might? I'd love to hear some other descriptions about the taste from some brave souls.

And thanks again for hosting me, Kimberly. It's been a blast.
MK said…
I went so far as to eat haggis, but I'd probably have to draw the line at this one! Great post Roxy!
Thank you for hosting today Kim!
Joanne said…
I am not an adventurous eater. I would never try prairie oysters. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Congrats on the new release. Crazy for Cowboy sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the interesting and informative post, I think. LOL

Roxy Boroughs said…
Thanks for dropping by, Joanne. As for me, I'll eat just about anything. Though, I'm not partial to jello.

I've had haggis, too, MK. Did you like it? I sure did.
I have to say I'm not too adventurous an eater, so I don't think I'd try these. I'm much more a basic, homemade food kind of girl.
Shannon Ro said…
I don't think I'd try that recipe but the book I am willing to try out. Thanks for sharing it with us

fencingromein at hotmail dot com
Lynn Cahoon said…
Roxy, at home we call them Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Roxy Boroughs said…
Thanks, Shannon. I hope you enjoy it.
Have a wonderful day.
Roxy Boroughs said…
Hi Lynn. I believe they're called Rocky Mountain Oysters in the western states and Prairie Oysters in Canada - which is where I am. Both names sound a tad more appealing than testicles, n'est pas?

Thanks for dropping by and sharing.
Kimberly Lewis said…
I'd like to say that I'm adventurous and that I'll try anything at least once...but I don't know about "prairie oysters", lol. I'm not a sushi fan either and will agree with Melissa that I'm more of a homestyle food kinda gal:-)

Thanks for being a guest on my blog, Roxy! It was awesome having you visit!
Roxy Boroughs said…
Thank you, Kimberly. Next time we meet, it will be burgers for us.
I've only had sushi a couple of times, but what I've tried, I've liked. (I've stuck with some less adventurous ones though)
Roxy Boroughs said…
I LOVE sushi, Melissa. Esp. the one's with salmon. Yum.
Is there a second one to this book?:-)