Monday, November 5, 2012

Author Carolyn Brown Stops by for a Visit!

I'm am so pleased today to be hosting none other than romance author Carolyn Brown! Carolyn is visiting with us today to talk a little bit about her new cowboy romance coming out on December 4th, Just a Cowboy and His Baby. Here's what it's about:

She's Got Her Eyes on the Prize...
Gemma O'Donnell wasn't the first woman to win the ProRodeo buckle for bronc riding, but she was darn well going to be the second. What she didn't count on was her main competition sweeping her off her feet.

He'll Do Whatever It Takes To Win...
Trace Coleman isn't really after a title—he needs the cash prize to buy his dream ranch. But one sexy, determined cowgirl keeps getting in his way. In his effort to take her out of the running, he risks losing both the title—and his heart.

They're Both in For a Little Surprise...
Everybody's world is turned upside down when a pint-sized bundle of joy gets dropped right into Trace's lap...and suddenly all the stakes are higher.

Please enjoy this excerpt from Just a Cowboy and His Baby:

Evil shot from his dark eyes. The air around him crackled when he raised his head and
glared at her. He’d been bred, born, and raised for that night and she didn’t have a chance
against his wiles. He was bigger than she was and he knew it. He was meaner and he’d
prove it.
Gemma O’Donnell didn’t give a damn how big or how mean he was. She
intended to be in control from the minute she mounted him. The message from the set
of his head and unwavering stare said that she was an idiot not to shake in her cowgirl
boots. She glared right back, her dark green eyes meeting his near black ones and locking
through the metal bars separating them.
He dared.
She challenged.
She hiked a leg up to the first rung on the chute, and two hands circled her waist
from behind to help her. Her heart slipped in an extra beat at the cowboy’s big hands
touching her, but she attributed it to nerves. She glanced over her shoulder into the
sexiest brown eyes she’d ever seen, all dreamy and soft with heavy dark lashes.
“Thanks,” she said.
“My pleasure. Go get ’em, darlin’.” His voice went with the rest of the package:
a deep Texas drawl that sounded like it should have been singing country songs in
Nashville, not riding wild broncs on the PRCA Million Dollar Rodeo Tour.
Dammit, Trace Coleman. You pulled a slick one, but it’s not going to work. You
are not going to throw me off my game, she thought as she slung a leg over the top and
locked eyes with the wild creature again. She had a horse to ride and even though his coat
was as white as the driven snow, the look in his black eyes said that he could run Lucifer
some serious competition when it came to meanness.
His name was Smokin’ Joe and he was a rodeo legend. Cowboys said that he
could see right into the soul of a rider and could feel the fear he’d struck in their hearts.
Well, Gemma wasn’t afraid of Smokin’-damn-Joe. He wasn’t a bit meaner than the bronc
out on Rye’s ranch that she’d trained on, and she’d shown him who was boss. Smokin’
Joe was just the next bronc in a long line, so he could take his evil glare and suck it up.
Tonight she was the boss. She didn’t care if the other riders had made bets about how
quickly into the ride he’d throw her off into the dust. She’d show them all, cowboys and
bronc alike, that a cowgirl had come to town.
She had two options.
Number one: Stay on his back for eight seconds and show him she was the boss.
Number two: Wreck.
There was no in between, and “almost” did not count. Gemma didn’t allow
herself to think the word wreck, not even when the almighty Trace Coleman produced
a smile that would part the clouds. He was well over six feet tall, dark haired, and light
brown eyes. She’d done her homework on all the cowboys. She knew most of them
personally from the rodeo rounds, but she’d only known Trace by picture and reputation.
Both of which intrigued her to no end. When she’d seen him in action in San Antonio, the
heat level of the whole great state of Texas jacked up twenty more degrees. His swagger,
his broad chest, and his body had said that Gemma was in deep trouble. But it was that
deep sexy Texas drawl that brought on images of tangled sheets, lots and lots of heat, and
a warm oozy feeling called an afterglow flitting through her mind.
Trace might have just meant to be charming and helpful, holding his hand out
to assist her in climbing the chute, but Gemma wasn’t buying his brand of bullshit. He
wasn’t stupid, and the twinkle in his eye said he knew exactly how his touch affected
a woman. Besides, his gaggle of rodeo groupies were proof positive of that. In San
Antonio, Austin, Redding, and Reno, Gemma had seen them circling him like a chocolate
addict set loose with free rein in a candy store. Oh, yes, without a single doubt Trace
knew how to turn a woman’s mind to mush, and she’d lay dollars to horse apples that he
played it to the nth degree.
Just like Smokin’ Joe, Trace Coleman had met his match. Gemma intended to
win that big shiny belt buckle in Las Vegas come December and leave Trace Coleman
along with his scanty-dressed groupies in a cloud of dust. She had a big construction-
paper lucky horseshoe tacked to the door of her travel trailer, and every time she won,
she rewarded herself by pasting a small shamrock on it. After the final ride, it would be
matted and framed and hung in her beauty shop, and all the cowboys who’d given her a
hard time could crawl up under a mesquite bush and lick their wounds.
Any other time and any other place she might have flirted with Trace. Cowboys
were definitely her thing, and he sent out vibes that dug deep into her gut. But this was
the rodeo circuit. For the next six months, Gemma O’Donnell had her job cut out for her
and there was no room for Trace or any other cowboy.
Damn his sorry old hide, anyway! He was the top-seeded contestant in the tour
and ten thousand dollars ahead of her. Staying on Smokin’ Joe’s back a full eight seconds
could knock Trace off that pedestal in a tailspin—if thinking about his dreamy eyes
didn’t ruin her score. She took a deep breath and put him out of her mind. If he thought
his cute little grin and deep voice could mess her up, then he could smear ketchup on his
chaps and eat them for supper. And slap a little taco sauce on his spurs and have them for

So how many of you would like to win an advanced reader copy of Just a Cowboy and His Baby? Wow! That's a lot of hands:-) Well today Carolyn will be giving away ONE free copy of her newest cowboy romance to one lucky person. Check out the details below on how you can win.

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I will be announcing the lucky winner this Friday, so be sure to stop by and see if it's you! Good luck to everyone who enters! And thank you Carolyn for the awesome giveaway!

Thanks for reading!


Teresa said...

O my I am SUPER excited for this!! How fun!! Can't waitto see who the winner will be!!

Carolyn Brown said...

Good morning, everyone! It's a delight to be here today. Oh, and Gemma and Trace are here with me so if you have questions for any one of us, please bring them on!

Abigail said...

What was your main inspiration for this novel?? Can't wait to read this!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for this book to come out! I can't wait to see how Gemma's romance plays out!! :)

Bethany said...

I'm so excited to read this novel!! But a little confused because I thought Gemma had brown hair and on the cover it appears blonde. Help?

Cathy said...

Sounds like a cute book and I am o so very excited for this!! Can't wait to read it and just wanted to let you know how awesome your books are!! When will the last book of the Spikes and Spurs series be out?

Do we have to leave our email in the comments as well? Well just in case we do here is mine!

Jen said...

How fun and of how exciting! Gemma has always been a favorite character of mine, and I am so glad that she is finally getting her story! Can't wait to read it.

Abby said...

Yay! So happy that this book will be here soon! Will the other characters from past books be in this novel? I love to when they make a comeback and talk about how happy they are with their families!

Anonymous said...

SOOO excited for this book!! Can't tell you how much I have thought about it! What was y
He favorite part about writing the book?

Carolyn Brown said...

Hey folks!
I'm sorry that I didn't get back to comment on your posts! Husband had a C-Scan that day and I got tied up with it, and forgot to check the little box where it says to send me follow up emails.
All this time, I thought no one had commented!
But I'd like to tell you that reading them today sure gave me a boost!
Bethany: Gemma got a wild hair (quite literally) and dyed her hair for the rodeo tour. That strawberry blonde hair sure did fit her temperament in the story, too.
Abigail, I really thought Gemma would fall in love with Creed, but she wasn't having any part of that plan. She said she was going on a rodeo tour and I could tag along or I could stay home and miss out on a damn good story. I tagged along!
Cathy: Dewar's story is slated to come out next August and that will finish the Spikes & Spurs with seven books total. But in June we kick off a brand new Cowboys & Brides series with Billion Dollar Cowboy so don't hang your spurs up yet.
Jen: Hope that you are enjoying the book and that Gemma and Trace are entertaining you. Since you are a fan, I'd just love to hear what you think of me at anytime!
Abby: Oh, yes, Gemma gets homesick and goes home for a few days so you can catch up with all the other characters! Then there's a Thanksgiving scene where everyone comes home.
Anonymous: My favorite part of writing the book had to the the twist at the very end. Everyone has the idea that it's going to end one way and it does a bit of a flip-flop!
Thanks again folks for all your comments and I do apologize for not getting back to the site before now. The book hits the book stores on next Tuesday...happy reading everyone.
I'm working on the third Cowboys & Brides and hoping that y'all like this series as well as Spikes & Spurs!