Monday, October 1, 2012

"Deep Connections" by Rebecca Graf Blog Tour!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am pleased to be hosting Rebecca Graf on her blog tour for her new book "Deep Connections"! She is joining us today with a guest post about why you should write a paranormal book. Enjoy!

5 Reasons to Write a Paranormal Book by Rebecca Graf
There are so many genres of books today. There are probably three to four as many as there were thirty years ago. Or maybe we just called them different names. When it comes to paranormal, most people either love them or hate them. Why would you consider writing a paranormal book?
1.       It’s a Hot Genre
It seems that everywhere you look there are paranormal books on the shelves and being promoted in the literary circles. Yes, paranormal is hot. It has actually been hot for several years, but the latest big movies helped push it over the top. It never hurts to write what is hot, but be careful as you could get lost in the pile of other authors doing the same thing. That is why you need a new twist on it.
2.       Plots are Almost Unlimited 
Think about. The plots for paranormal are completely unlimited. Because it is paranormal, you can go outside the normal to create your plots. The dead can come back to life. Plots are not limited due to….well, read number 3. They kind of go together.
3.       Few Restrictions
The laws of gravity don’t have to apply. The functioning of the body as taught in anatomy class doesn’t have to apply. There are no rules in paranormal. You can take old legends and give them new life. Create new creatures and new powers. Water doesn’t have to run south and rain doesn’t have to fall down. Get the picture?
4.       Imagination Can Run Wild
I guess this follows the same pattern. Your imagination has no limits. I love the fact that I don’t have to be ‘realistic’. I save that for realistic speech and characters readers can relate to. As for scenes and plot, being real is boring. That is why people read paranormal. They like to see how things might be.
5.       It Will Always be Loved
A friend told me recently that she couldn’t understand the vampire craze. Why was everyone suddenly fascinated with vampires?
Really? It’s nothing new. When I was a young adult, there were movies all over the places about vampires and teenagers. Paranormal stories are nothing new. It is just that more writers are going that route.

Paranormal was always be loved because it is without boundaries.

Just as love appears, so does the darkness. With her heart reaching out for one man, Brenna finds herself the target of an unknown stalker. Who is he? What does he want? How far will he go for her? Death is an option. Brenna discovers more than she bargained for and learns that the stalker will kill for her. It all comes down to decisions, and no matter what she chooses it will demand sacrifice and someone's blood.

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Graf worked as an account for 20 years before taking a chance at a dream. Starting off with writing online, she began to build a reputation and a number of followers. Now, she has one children's book, A Gift for a Mouse, published with Deep Connections being her first adult novel. She lives near Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and three children as well as two cats, Oreo and Cookie, and two dogs, Bug and Mocha. Rebecca has started her own publishing company, Silver Tongue Press, with two partners. Their goal is to help new authors to achieve their dreams. She also spends her days crocheting and knitting....

Twitter: @rebeccagraf

Rebecca will be giving away 10 copies of "Deep Connections" (your choice of ebook or paperback) during her tour! Please fill out the raffelcopter entry below for your chance to win. Good luck!

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Thank you for being a guest on my blog Rebecca! Good luck with your new release and have fun with the rest of your tour!

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Thank you for hosting Rebecca :)