Where'd Ya Go?

Hey folks! I am really sorry for my absence the past few days. We had a family emergency and ended up having to leave town to be with those particular family members who needed us. But I'm back now and am in the process of playing catch-up since I wasn't on the computer at all the past few days. I was completely surprised (and super happy!) when I checked "Zane's" sales this morning and saw that the book is still #1 in Western Romance Bestsellers on Amazon AND it's climbing the bestsellers rank in contemporary romance as well! I am just so ecstatic that you all are enjoying it so much:-) I had to put Norah's story on hold when we went out of town but I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished between now and the weekend. And the last bit of information I have to share is that tomorrow I will be participating/co-hosting the first Highlander Giveaway Hop with fellow author MK McClintock! Make sure you stop by all the blogs and enter for your chance to win some free Highlander books! I'm looking forward to it and I hope to see y'all there!


Leigh Ann said…
Cute blog! You have a new follower! Check out my blog and follow if you would like :)
Kimberly Lewis said…
Aw thanks Leigh Ann! I checked out your blog and it's gorgeous! You've got a new follower as well:-)