Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Winner of the Name a Cowboy Contest!

First I'd like to thank everyone who participated and helped me choose a name for Norah's cowboy. I'm pretty sure you all are wondering which name won. Well, without keeping you all waiting any longer, the name of Norah's cowboy will be.............

Chase O'Donnell!

I hope you all are looking forward to reading Norah and Chase's story:-) And now for the winner of the $10 giftcard. Congratulations..........

Carole Sullivan!

Carole please shoot me an e-mail at kimberlylewisnovels@gmail.com and let me know whether you prefer an Amazon card or a Barnes and Noble card.

Thanks again everyone!


Melissa said...

Awesome I liked that name too!

Congrats to Carole for winning.


when will Norah's and Chases's book be out? probably get it @ Amazon first? ok--lemme think!! I love western novels...hmmmmm Amazon~~Barnes and Nobel~~~~~AMAZON it is!!!

now to go and window shop :-)

thanks--you made my morning!!!!

MK said...

That's a really cool name and goes well with Norah! Congrats Carole--happy shopping! :)

Kimberly Lewis said...

I just love how excited you are Carole! That makes MY day:-) I'm working on Norah and Chase's story and I'm hoping (hoping being the key word there, lol) to have it out the first part of next year. Have fun shopping!