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"The Order" by Marsha Megan Stokes Book Tour!

Today I am pleased to have author Marsha Megan Stokes stopping by for a guest post:) Please join me in welcoming her and wishing her the best of luck with her new novel!

Guest Post by Marsha Megan Stokes

Dear Diary,
What a crazy ride this has turned out to be! The last few weeks have really tipped my world upside-down. Although, it’s not like my life was exactly normal before. You see, I’m a Locator. Now, what is a Locator, you might ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. I am a finder. More specifically, I find people with the Gift—the ability to harness and control the natural energies that surround them. It is sort of a family thing. My father is a Locator too.
I discovered my abilities my senior year of high school. Once I understood what was happening to me, I accepted the fact that my life was going to be a little bizarre. I had never known before that there were people out there who could control water, air, electricity, sound… Now, I can’t do anything like that. My Gift is a little different. I can see auras around the Gifted and I am drawn to them. It’s sort of an uncontrollable attraction that helps me find them.
There is also a great deal of responsibility involved in being a Locator. Initially, people who begin to develop their Gifts don’t realize what is happening to them. Sure, it’s great that they become more aware of the good that surrounds them. When they are safe, they feel safer. When they are happy, they feel happier. They start to become better judges of character and instinctively know who to trust.
But they are also more aware of the bad—the Evil. It starts out as a nagging feeling accompanied by severe headaches. As their Gift progresses and their pull to the good increases, so does the power that the Evil has over them. That pull becomes so strong that the headaches become unbearable and the Evil begins to speak to them, whispering things deep inside their minds.
That’s why I have to find them! Only with the help of a complete circle of Gifted, can we Cleanse the Evil and save that person from insanity and death.
But no pressure, right?
So, stress was always a part of the game. People’s lives depend on me and my singular talent. At first, I was pretty flattered and humbled to have such a wonderful Gift. I was all gung-ho to get out there and find everyone I could. I wanted to save lives! I wanted to be important.
Sure, I knew there was going to be some strange things involved. Like this one time my dad told me about, when a guy in Montana first started to discover his Gift with water… when my dad found him, he had completely flooded his apartment and was hiding in the closet scared to death of the Voice in his head. The Voice was telling him that he would die in the water, and he believed It.
Yeah. So strange I was prepared for. But Beth and Rachel, on the other hand, I was completely unprepared for. The way I Located both women, the immediate and complete change they each caused in my life, the danger, the horror, and the way my life—and heart—would never be the same again… I had no idea what this year at Grayson College was going to bring to me. I just hope I can survive.

Peter's job as a Locator is to find extraordinary people—those with the Gift. The Gifted can sense and harness different kinds of energy and manipulate it in incredible ways. They have a heightened sense of the good that surrounds them, but they also more easily fall prey to the bad as well—to the Evil. As a new year at Grayson College begins, Peter is thrown into a whirlwind of terror, danger, and love. Will he be able to save a newly found Gifted One from the seductive influence of the Evil? Will he be too late? Or will he also fall victim to the darkness?

Please enjoy this excerpt from "The Order":
Peter anxiously paced his room. Donavon and Rachel had been gone for a couple of hours and he felt empty without her around. He wanted to take Rachel to see Robert, but Donavon’s cool logic had put an abrupt end to that.
Donavon is stronger, so he needs to be the one to help Robert make the link to the Life Box. Blah, blah, blah…
Peter’s thoughts seethed with jealousy. His entire life, Peter sat by and watched as females swooned over Donavon and then would turn a sisterly kind of affection onto Peter. This time was going to be different though. He had never felt this way about anyone before Rachel, and he was not going to let Donavon mess it up—not without a fight at least.
He already has Beth worked up into knots! What more does he need?
Peter thought back to the passionate kiss he saw between Donavon and Beth. People don’t just sit next to someone else and suddenly trip and find themselves in a lip lock. If Donavon wanted to play games with women, that was his business. But Peter was going to protect Rachel from him if it was the last thing he did.
He and Rachel obviously shared a connection. Peter remembered her words right before she left to see Robert, “Don’t fight with Donavon. You mean too much to me. I don’t like to see you hurting.”
Peter smiled at the memory.
You mean everything to me, too.
She didn’t want him to fight with Donavon, so Peter was determined to try and keep his cool when they got home. Sure, he and Donavon had fought before. They’d been friends for a long time, so a few fights were inevitable. However, this time things just seemed to annoy Peter worse than they ever had. Donavon just seemed so cocky—so overprotective.
And possessive! What gives him the right? You would think that when she woke up that first time that she’d said his name instead of mine!
Peter paced over to one of his sneakers and kicked it against the wall. He couldn’t imagine what was taking so long. They should have been able to drive up to the cabin, link Rachel to her box, and then drive home by now. Donavon was probably trying to put the moves on her. He should never have let her go with him.
Calm down, man. Calm down.
But then there was the way Donavon tried to blame Peter for Rachel’s most recent attack. Peter still didn’t understand how he had been able to stand right next to her on the porch and not realize what was happening sooner. The guilt was eating him up inside and he already felt awful. He didn’t need Donavon’s righteous indignation on top of everything else. He would have given anything to help Rachel—anything.
The more Peter thought about it, the more upset he got. He almost couldn’t breathe quite right when Rachel was gone. His skin felt like it was crawling and he had so much nervous energy he thought he might burst. Amy, with her Gift, often appeared that way. She had so much energy at times that Peter was sure she was going to blow some kind of gasket.
Maybe he just needed some time alone. A good brisk walk in the crisp autumn air seemed to be a good idea. He wouldn’t go too far, because they could return any minute.
Peter bounded down the stairs and grabbed his jacket off the hook near the door. He slung it over his shoulder and headed out.
The sky was overcast and the leaves almost glowed in beautiful fall colors. Peter didn’t quite need his jacket yet, but it could get cold if the wind picked up. The leaves under his feet gave satisfying little crunches as he pounded his way up the street. He even succumbed to the urge to kick a big pile, sending them scattering in a shower of colors. It was soothing. It reminded him of walking through the woods behind his house back home—of going to the abandoned car… with Donavon.
Peter halted in his tracks. The fresh air was doing him good. He felt like his brain was clearing and he could think more rationally than he had for some time.
Donavon was his best friend. They had seen each other through so many hard times that it was impossible to count. He was being too hard on the guy. That kiss with Beth was hard to explain, but maybe he wasn’t being as possessive of Rachel as Peter thought. At any rate, he hadn’t seen Rachel responding to Donavon.
Peter just needed to up the charm a bit. She had already said some encouraging things to him; he just needed to be patient.
Peter sighed and turned around to head back to the house. His brain felt tired and he didn’t want to think about things anymore. He just wanted to get back to Rachel and make sure everything was still okay.
He’d never been able to stay mad at Donavon for very long anyway.
As Peter entered the house, he could tell immediately that Rachel was back. Her aura was clear and obvious to him as a Locator. He could have closed his eyes and walked right up to her with no difficulty.
How did I wander around for weeks and not know she was here? How did I not feel this sooner?

Book Information

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Order Saga
Formats: Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle/iBook
Publisher: Self-Published (CreateSpace)
Release Date: May 13, 2012
Pages in Print Edition: 236
ISBN-10: 1477467939
ISBN-13: 978-1477467930

Author Bio

Marsha was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and currently resides in Tremonton, Utah. Mother of two and wife to the most wonderful man in the world, Marsha spends most of her time taking care of the boys, blogging, writing, and playing the flute. She is also an avid recipe collector and loves to cook.

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Thank you for hosting Marsha on her tour Kim! Everything looks great!

Kimberly Lewis said...

Not a problem:) I'm honored to host her!

Marsha Stokes said...

Thank you so much Kimberly for hosting my novel. I am very excited to reach new audiences, and I hope your readers will be intrigued and ask lots of questions!

Kimberly Lewis said...

Thank you for being a guest on my blog today, Marsha! Good luck with your book and have fun with the rest of your tour!!!

Stacy Evans said...

I'm really excited to read "The Order"!

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Looks like a good read. :-)

Marsha said...

Stacy, I am excited to have you read it! If you are in the area and get a printed copy, I'd love to sign it for you.

Marsha said...

emaginette, I hope you will get to find out first-hand if it's a good read! I really enjoy the YA genre myself, and especially paranormal romance, but I often feel like the teenage characters aren't mature enough to really "sink your teeth into" so I put my story in college. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.