Let the countdown begin!

I'm working very hard this week on getting these final edits done for Zane and Andi's story. I've been working hard on this one for about a year now doing re-writes, re-arranging things, adding things, and it's finally coming down to the ending point. My editor has gone over the novel one last time and given me some minor things that need to be corrected and then I'm done:) It's sometimes hard to believe that I'm about to release my second novel, but I'm thrilled to be bringing you another story that I hope you all will enjoy. I'm truly please that you have been enjoying my little sneak peaks into Zane and Andi's story. Next week's will be the final excerpt before the book is released and I'm also working on making my first ever book trailer. Once I have that done I'll be sure to post it for your viewing pleasure:) Have a great day everyone! I'm off to get Zane and Andi's story finalized so it will be ready for it's August 7th release date!