Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Interview with Kristine Cayne

It is my pleasure today to be hosting author Kristine Cayne! Kristine is joining us for an interview to talk a little bit about her new novel "Deadly Addiction". Please join me in welcoming her!

KL: Have you always wanted to be a writer? If not, what drew you to the world of storytelling?
KC: I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was very young. But as I got older, creative writing took a back seat to essays, projects, and other technical writing. It wasn’t until I found Cherry Adair’s Kiss and Tell that the spark came back. After reading it, I knew that writing romantic suspense was what I wanted to do.

KL: What inspired the idea for "Deadly Addiction"?
KC: I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that someone’s hero is another person’s villain. I grew up in the Montreal area, which was the site of a huge crisis between the provincial police and the local Mohawk communities. It escalated to the point where the Canadian Armed Forces were called in. Twenty years later, hard feelings still exist on both sides. I wrote Deadly Addiction so that I could explore this conflict and learn more about Canada’s First Nations.

KL: Without giving too much away, tell us a little bit about your book.
KC: The Blackriver Iroquois Reserve is a powder keg ready to blow. Rampant crime and drug abuse are tearing the tribe apart. Two people, Rémi Whitedeer, the half-white grandson of one of the tribe’s traditional chiefs, and Alyssa Morgan, a maverick cop, take on the task of restoring order to this troubled nation. Fed up with interference from white authorities, a radical sovereigntist sets off a chain of events that could destroy everyone Rémi cares about, including Alyssa.

KL: What was your favorite chapter (or scene) in “Deadly Addiction” to write and why?
KC: There were a lot of scenes that were fun to write in this book. I’ll mention two: one is a certain romantic scene that takes place by the river’s edge. Another is when Rémi must confront someone from Alyssa’s past. The first scene simmers with sexual tension and those first-time questions and insecurities. The second scene explodes into a huge conflict between Rémi, Alyssa and this third person. The foundation of the relationship Alyssa and Rémi have built is put to the test.

KL: What has been your greatest challenge as a writer? Greatest achievement?
KC: I’d say my greatest achievement has been to get my book out to readers. Every time I get a note from a fan or a great review, I’m thrilled; someone has taken the time to read my book and let me know what they think about it. It’s a fantastic feeling. The greatest challenge has been to find a balance between work, writing, and family. I’m still working on that one. 

KL:  Do you have any advice for other authors who are trying to make their way into the writing world?
KC: Two things are of major importance: one, write as much as you can; two, learn as much as you can. No one knows everything about the craft of writing, so find out what your weaknesses are and take a class or attend a workshop. Never stop learning.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’d recommend joining a writers’ group of some sort, such as Romance Writers of America (RWA), which offers classes and has chapters around the country where you can meet other writers. Having local support is immensely helpful.

KL: Is there a message you'd like readers to take away from this book?
KC: That no one is all good or all bad. I made a point of having people of all races on both sides of the good/bad divide. I hope that after reading my book, people will better understand the plight of the native people, even if it’s only a little. They are a proud and generous people, and I’ve enjoyed learning about them tremendously.

KL: Do you have any interesting writing quirks?
KC: I find it very difficult to write if I’m not at my desk. I can occasionally manage to write in my car or a café, but I must begin with that goal in mind. I’ve tried writing on airplanes or in hotels, and it really doesn’t work.

KL: What is your favorite non-writing pastime?
KC: Reading! I love to read all romance genres. I also enjoy a good mainstream suspense or thriller. 

KL: What do you have in store next for your readers?
KC: I’m currently working on a short story/novella that will appear in an anthology sometime this summer. I’m also beginning to write Deadly Betrayal, book three of my Deadly Vices series. Since Kaden’s story will take us to Afghanistan, I’ve been reading up on the people, culture, traditions, politics, and languages of that country. I expect it to be a very different take on Afghanistan than what people have seen in romantic suspense up to now.

A proud people. A nation divided.
Rémi Whitedeer, police officer turned substance-abuse counselor, dreams of restoring order to his tribe. Violence and crime are rampant throughout the unpoliced Iroquois reserve, and a civil war is brewing between the Guardians, a militant traditionalist group, and other tribal factions. As the mixed-race cousin of the Guardians’ leader, Rémi is caught in a no-man’s land—several groups lay claim to him, but all want him to deny his white blood.

A maverick cop on an anti-drug crusade.
When she infiltrated the Vipers to take down the leader of the outlaw biker gang responsible for her brother’s death, police sergeant Alyssa Morgan got her man. But her superiors think she went too far. Her disregard for protocol and her ends-justify-the-means ethics have branded her an unreliable maverick. To salvage her career, she accepts an assignment to set up a squad of native provincial officers on a reserve.

A radical sovereigntist bent on freeing a nation.
Decades of government oppression threaten the existence of the Iroquois Nation. But one man, Chaz Whitedeer, is determined to save his people no matter what the price, even if it means delving into the shadowy world of organized crime.

When Rémi and Alyssa uncover the Guardians’ drug-fueled scheme to fund their fight for true autonomy—a scheme involving the Vipers—Rémi must choose between loyalty to family and tribe or his growing love for Alyssa.

Can Rémi and Alyssa leave everything behind—even their very identities—for a future together?

Please enjoy this excerpt from "Deadly Addiction":
Rémi tipped up her chin until their eyes met. “Alyssa. Tell me what’s got you so upset.”

Did she have to draw the man a picture? His rejection burned. Why did it feel so personal? They had nothing more than a professional association. Except she’d wanted more, hadn’t she? “You must really hate me.”

His face paled as he continued to stroke her face. “Why would you think that?”

Like a warm breeze, his low voice slid over her skin. God, she really didn’t want to deal with this, with him, right now. “You couldn’t have looked more revolted if you’d been standing neck deep in a pile of manure.”

“We were talking about the SQ, not you.”

“But that’s just it: I am the SQ.” She tugged on her wrist and this time, he let her go. Turning away from him, she pulled in a lungful of air. Warm hands held her shoulders and she felt his heat against her back. Her body swayed. What would it feel like to let herself go and accept his strength? Let him pull her against his body and envelope her in his comfort? It would feel like heaven. Until he pushed her away, again.

He leaned in close and whispered, “The SQ is your job, not who you are. You’re a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman. And I’m far, far from hating you.”

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Kimberly Lewis said...

Thank you for joining me on my blog today Kristine! It was a pleasure hosting you:) Have fun with the rest of your blog tour!

MK said...

Sounds like an interesting book Kristine. Great interview!

I agree that being able to learn as much as you can is a must for writers-no matter what stage you're at.

Fayth Devlin said...

Great advice Kristine! I'm planning on joining my local RWA. Your book looks fantastic and as soon as I get out my writing/editing cave, I plan to read it! Thank you for giving us some insight on what inspired you!