Monday, April 9, 2012

Paranormal Romance

I recently read my first ever paranormal romance novel (I know, I know, where have I been? Lol). As you all know from my book reviews, I normally only read western romances. So this novel was a nice change of pace and honestly has got me totally interested in reading more paranormal stuff. I do enjoy the world of fantasy (aka vampires, werewolves, etc) so I'm not entirely sure as to why I waited so long to read one. Anyway...I was wondering what your opinion on the whole "real vs fantasy" thing is in terms of romance novels. Would you prefer to read about stuff that can actually happen? Or would you rather let your mind fully escape to another world?


Melissa said...

It really depends on my mood. It also depends on how fantastical the fantasy element is. If it's utterly ridiculous, then of course I'm not going to get into the story. But, if it's done right, then I can let myself slip away into a world of things that may not really happen.

Kimberly Lewis said...

Thanks so much for the comment Melissa! I agree that is has to be done right in order for me to get into it.