My "Rocky Mountain Heat" by Vivian Arend Review

He’s the one who taught her to ride. Now all he wants is to ride her.
Six Pack Ranch, Book 1
Blake Coleman is old enough to know that acting on impulse causes nothing but a heap of trouble. But when trouble’s a western-hat-wearing blonde with slim legs that go on forever, what’s a man to do? Wanting the sweet girl next door is just wrong. The responsible thing to do is keep his hands off.
Jaxi has other plans for Blake’s hands, and his heart. She may have once considered him a big brother, but that was a long time ago. She’s all grown up now and ready to convince him that she’s perfect for him. Except he can’t seem to see past the big “don’t touch” sign that’s apparently still hanging around her neck.
When Jaxi ends up living right under Blake's nose, the undeniable heat between them slides off simmer and leaps up to barn-burning levels. However, a few of the younger six-pack Colemans have decided Jaxi’s brand of trouble is worth risking a few busted bones.
That is, if Blake’s finally ready to let go the reins and fight for what he wants…
Warning: Sexy cowboys seducing and being seduced in trucks, pool halls and barns. Droolworthy country charm, a little double-teaming, a few secrets and a whole lot of brothers to look forward to. Anyone wanna go for a ride?

My Review:
     This book was really, really good. Okay, I’m just going to have to go ahead and say it…I loved it! It was really hard to put down, so hard that I actually couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in one day. Vivian Arend has officially gained my interest and I am looking forward to reading more of this series….and of the Coleman boys:)
     I love Blake’s character. He is sweet and caring, but at the same time he is very male and isn’t afraid to show it.  I really like how in the beginning he shied away from his feelings towards Jaxi because he felt it was the honorable thing to do (there is a ten year age difference between them). He tries so hard to just be a big brother figure to her, but she sure makes it difficult:) And Jaxi…whew! That girl knows how to get what she wants! She has been in love with Blake for years and now that she is of age she decides enough is enough and tries to get him to notice her for the beautiful woman she in instead  the little girl next door. With a little help from the rest of the Coleman boys (specifically the twins) she achieves this. Oh. My. God. The scene where they are all at the bar and playing pool…whoa momma! That scene was hot. I’m not going to ruin it for you, but I’m just going to say that Jaxi definitely gets Blake’s attention and keeps it. Speaking of hot, keep an eye out for the scene where Jaxi is canning peaches…wink, wink:) The two of them together are just perfection and I really enjoyed reading their relationship develop. 
     I love this family and when I read how they interact with each other I can truly believe that they actually are a family. All six boys (or men I should say) pick on each other, and tease, making for some pretty hilarious situations. I have to tell you about this one scene that just cracked me up. It was the first dinner scene when Jaxi joins the family. Blake didn’t realize she was there and took advantage of the outside shower since he was filthy from working in the fields. The rest of the boys know she is there and assume Blake does as well, so when they see him in the shower they make the comment that he is way braver than they are and laugh. Blake brushes it off as his brothers being idiots but then realizes what they were talking about when he sees Jaxi sitting at the dining room table with the rest of his family. Blake has to sit through dinner listening to his brothers teasing and asking Jaxi if she saw anything in the garden that was particularly interesting, to which she shocks them all by naming various…ahem…male part shaped vegetables while looking at Blake, lol. Throughout the novel, Ms. Arend continues with the love, the laughter and the heat making this a very enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more.