Monday, March 12, 2012

Come on spring!

The weather is supposed to be SO nice this week! 60's and 70's, woo hoo! I am dying for some warmer weather. I like winter to a certain extent but once Christmas is gone I'm kind of over it, lol. We had a pretty good weekend here. My hubby and I got to do a date night on Saturday:) There is a new Longhorn Steakhouse in our area and it doesn't officially open till today, but we ate there for our date. How you may ask? Well, a woman my husband works with gave us a friends and family invitation to try it out before it opens (it was sort of like a training seminar for the employees). We got a free meal but I would have gladly paid for it because it was delicious! I can't wait to go back:) We finished off our date with a movie and then headed back home. All in all we had a very nice weekend and I got some much time with my wonderful husband. He recently got a new job and he's been working his butt off, so needless to say I haven't seen him much latley, lol. I am very lucky to have a such a hardworking man who does everything in his power to take care of his family:)

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