Monday, March 5, 2012

Childhood Memories

As ridiculous as it may sound this ice cream cone completely made my day yesterday:) 

When I was a child we always use to go to this little Mom & Pop shop that sold everything (and I mean everything). And when we'd leave, my brother and I would always get some hand scooped Hershey's Crazy Vanilla ice cream. As the years went on, the little shop closed and my favorite ice cream seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth. I think I've only been able to find it one other time in the past 15-20 years. Well, that all changed yesterday:) We were out running errands and my Mom makes a comment about stopping into this little country store to get some ice cream. I was undecided until I saw the Hershey's Hand Scooped sign out front and was like "What the heck. It's worth a shot." I walk in the doors and low and behold they have my favorite ice cream! I think if I could have bought the whole tub I would have, lol. And the second most wonderful thing is they carry it all the time. I know it is probably really corny of me to write a whole post about ice cream, but it's just those little things that bring back such fond memories of my childhood and I love it!

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Melissa said...

It's always great to have something that has such good memories and is so familiar come back into your life, no matter how small a thing it is :)