Tammy Powell's Love Story

Tammy Powell is one of the winner's of the "It's a Love Story" contest. Below is the story she submitted. Enjoy:)

My story for when I meet my guy, who is named Cory, starts a few years ago. I was engaged and dating a guy for almost 6 years. I was in a dead end relationship. I was that woman you want to scream at why are you still putting up with this guy and realize you can do better. I guess you could call me blinded by the “love.”

Well one year I started my adventure for selling candy for relay for life. I sold a lot of candy. One guy in particular would come back and buy a lot of candy. I thought he just wanted candy and didn’t think anything of it. When he came back we would talk for a little bit here and there about random things. It felt like we could talk about anything. He even would share his candy with me that he bought. For a couple of years the talking was going on. I didn’t think anything of it I just liked talking with him and he liked talking with me.

I was still dating the other guy till we had a very spiteful breakup during the middle of 2011. I started to try to get out and find friends to hang out with. During this time it was Halloween and I invited all the people I could think of to go to the bar after work. I wanted to dress up this Halloween. So I texted Cory and invited him with a few friends. I asked him if afterwards we could hang and catch up and he said sure. We hung out till almost 4 am. Then the next week we hung out again in ocean city at 10 pm at night. We were the only ones there it felt like the beach was just open for us. It was so magical. We walked and talk about everything like normal. Then we started holding hands as we walked back. Then while we looked at the water on the sandy beach, he said he was cold and I said he could put his hands in my pockets, and he wrapped his arms around me to do so. Then we walked back to the car and left for the night and he held me close on and off that night. We kept talking in text on and off again. We had our 1 st kiss in the park after he asked for a taste of my lip gloss and he pulled me in for a kiss, A kiss that I till then have only seen in movies. After a month of talking we knew we wanted to be together. We were camping and he asked me be his girlfriend.

Ever since we started talking and now dating has been the greatest time of my life. I never felt this happy before. The moments we have had leading up to us being together I thought I would never experience except for in my dreams or watching the movies. The friend has feelings for the girl and she didn’t know it because she was trapped in a loveless relationship. Then they find each other again and live happily ever after. That is my romantic story of how I meet Cory the man of my dreams and now of my life.