Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Love Story

Keeping with the theme for this week, I decided to write down my own personal love story. Here goes:)

My love story begins about eleven years ago. I was working at an electronic store when one day this new guy, Rob, starts. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re expecting me to be all “Oh it was love at first sight” and “I just knew this was the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with.”

Nope. Not even close. In all honesty, I didn’t like him.

But to be fair, it wasn't his fault that I didn’t like him. A co-worker told me this ridiculous lie about him and stupid me believed the co-worker instead of confronting Rob about it. But as luck would have it, Rob ended up confronting me about why I hated him so much. So I told him, and that’s when I found out it was a lie. I instantly felt bad about it and soon after that, Rob and I became friends.

We would spend most of our time at work talking to each other about anything and everything. We worked in different departments that were separated by a half wall of accessories, so people always made the “Home Improvement” reference of Wilson and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor when they saw us talking because we’d just be hanging out at the wall chatting it up.

Fast forward a couple of months. Our friendship has grown and, even though I wouldn’t admit it to myself at the time, my feelings for him have grown as well. The realization of this setting in after he comes into work one day and tells me he’s going out on a date that weekend. I’ll admit it, I was jealous. My heart sank to my stomach and that’s when I finally realized that I didn’t want him seeing anyone but me. Of course there was one little snag; I was in a relationship with someone else.  It was a dead end relationship and to be honest, I don’t know why I stayed with the guy for so long. Anyway, that guy and I called off our relationship shortly after that.

A week or so later it was Easter. I had just come home after celebrating the holiday with my father’s side of the family when my mother stopped me and told me that some guy called and wanted to wish me a Happy Easter. He didn’t leave a name or number for me to return the call, so I had to wait till I worked again to find out that it was Rob.

We started talking more and more and finally we decided to spend some time together outside of work. It just so happened that I went over to his house the night before his birthday. I remember sitting downstairs in the living room, looking at the clock and realizing that it was past midnight. I turned towards him, smiled and wish him a Happy Birthday. He smiled back and the look in his eyes gave me that warm, tingly feeling all over. I stayed with him till 3 o’clock in the morning, just watching TV, talking and playing video games. I remember telling him as I was leaving that I didn’t want to go, to which he replied that he didn’t want me to either. You would expect there to be a good night kiss at the end of this story, but there isn’t. I know he wanted to, but for some reason (and don’t ask me why) I wouldn’t let him kiss me.

Our friendship had grown into something more, and for the first time in a long time I was happy. Really happy. Rob treated me with such respect and he was so darn thoughtful; which is something that I certainly wasn’t use to. We had made plans to go out one night to the beach and just walk up and down the boardwalk. Of course it was on a night that I was scheduled to work late. I got out of work and walked out to my car only to find two roses on my windshield; one real and one fake. I arrived home, got ready for my date and waited for Rob. When he showed up, I thanked him for the flowers and asked him why he got me a fake one along with the real one. He told me that the fake one would last forever, just like his love for me would last forever. Aw:) I still have that rose to this day. He escorted me to his truck, but before we got there I pulled him to a stop and told him I wanted to thank him for my presents. And then I kissed him. I think I may have caught him off guard because up until this point we had only hugged and shared chicken pecks (I know, I know, but I was trying to take things slow because I really liked him and didn’t want to rush into things). He smiled at me when the kiss ended and opened my door for me. I was buckling my seatbelt when he got in on his side and looked at me. He smiled and reached for me, saying “I gotta do that again” as he kiss me once more. I laughed in reply and kissed him back.

Now, let’s jump forward to three years later. It’s Easter morning, and I wake up at Rob’s house (having spent the night there). I get dressed and head downstairs with him to open our Easter baskets. Now, let me fill you in on something real quick. Never in the Easter’s before this one had we exchanged gifts or opened Easter baskets. So I could kind of tell that something was up:) His parent’s and his sister are waiting for us at the kitchen table, so we joined them and began to open our Easter eggs. I get down to the last one, and I open it only to find that it has an engagement ring in it with a tiny note on the lid that says, “Kim, will you marry me?” I gasped and then I laughed (rather obnoxiously, lol) just because I was so surprised and excited. Rob turned to me and asked, “Well?” To which I said, “Yes!”

We were married three years later and had an absolutely beautiful summer wedding. I love looking back on that day and remembering how Rob looked at me when I met him at the altar; his eyes glistening with such love and emotion. We’ve been going strong for a few years now and have even added a little addition to our family, a son:) He brings such joy to our lives, and having him makes me love my husband even more because he gave me this wonderful gift.

Now, I’m not trying to get all sappy here and make it out like everything is always sunshine and rainbows with us because it’s not, lol. We fight, we yell, and we cuss. But most of all, we love. And it’s that undying love we have for one another that keeps us together and makes me thankful for everyday I have with this wonderful man.

And that folks is my love story…well, so far at least:)

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That is a very sweet story!