Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My "Hell Yeah" by Carolyn Brown Review

This is the second novel in Ms. Brown’s “Honky Tonk Series” and like the first novel it gained my interest from the start. This novel had a little more nail biting action thrown into it than the last one, and I liked that fact that Cathy wasn’t afraid to kick some ass, even a man’s. Here’s the synopsis:

Daisy’s cousin Cathy O’Dell owns and runs the Honky Tonk now and during the New Year’s celebration she is greeted in the middle of the dance floor by a man named Travis Henry (who apparently resembles Matthew McConaughey…hot!). As the clock counts down this cowboy reels her in for a New Year’s kiss, which of course pisses her off, even though his kiss made her melt like snow cone in July. But she won’t be getting away from him that easy because Travis is running the oil drilling site right next to the Honky Tonk. After a few bizarre (but convenient) weather circumstances, Cathy breaks the rules and lets Travis stay with her in her apartment, which leads to more nights and so on and so on. But just when you think things are going smoothly, trouble ensues and Travis finds himself frantically searching for Cathy and hoping he finds her…alive.

I really liked this book and I liked how Ms. Brown continued from Daisy’s story right to Cathy’s (I think there’s only a few months in between the books). Cathy is definitely a no nonsense woman and isn’t afraid to go down fighting. And Travis is such a sweetheart and I instantly liked him from the moment he appeared on the page. Definitely a good read:)

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