Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My "All Jacked Up" by Lorelei James Review

I know some of you are probably looking at this review and saying, "Didn't she say a few posts ago that Lorelei James' novels were far too graphic and kinky for her liking?" And to answer your question; yes, I most certainly said that. That being said, I really liked her Rough Rider's short story "Slow Ride". So I looked up the full length novel about those two characters and...Here we are. Before I get into my review, here's the synopsis from the authors website:

Pulling off the ultimate con…if they can keep from pulling off their clothes.

Rough Riders, Book 8

Keely McKay knows Jack—and Jack Donohue is a certified pain in her Wranglers. The lone girl in the prolific McKay family, Keely needs another man giving her orders like she needs a hole in her boot. What she does need is a restoration specialist so she can open her physical therapy clinic—and prove she’s left her wild-child days behind. That means dealing with buttoned-down, uptight Jack.

Jack is this close to securing a career make-or-break project, until he learns his lack of marital status puts him out of contention. When the notoriously hot-tempered and hot-bodied Keely begs him for help, he proposes a crazy idea. He’ll oversee her project—if she acts the part of his loving fiancĂ©e.

Their sizzling lust makes it all too easy to go from butting heads to knocking boots—but outside the bedroom they’re as mismatched as ever. The McKays remind Jack of the humble upbringing he left behind, and cowgirl Keely feels she doesn’t measure up to Jack’s big-city lifestyle.

When the dust settles, Jack and Keely must face the fact they’re not fooling anyone but themselves—or they’ll risk losing the real deal.

Warning: this book contains one hot-blooded cowgirl and one cool-headed businessman in a stripped-down, revved-up game of sexual truth or dare.

And, now for my review...
I LOVED THIS BOOK! I loved it so much that I literally could not put it down. I read it in one day. One day people! I haven't read a novel from start to finish in one day since I was in the seventh grade, lol. I completely understand what all the hype is about now! 

This is the kind of novel that you read and are rooting for the main characters to just cut the crap and admit they love each other already. Jack is a true alpha male and paired with Keely’s no nonsense attitude; well, it makes for some pretty interesting stuff. The two of them fight on and off throughout the novel, and in the beginning it’s mainly because they are so physically attracted to one another. That all changes after they realize that giving into their physical needs would ease some of that tension. But as time goes on, their feelings for each other develop into something more than just sex and a business arrangement. It was wonderful reading these two characters fall in love and FINALLY admit it to one another.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some parts of the novel that I really didn’t care for. And I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say:) Some of the “love” scenes (yes I’m romanticizing it a bit, lol) were kinky and I found myself going “Ugh, really?” I have never read a novel that was so graphic and detail oriented when those scenes came about, but at least I was prepared for it this time, lol. That being said, not all of the scenes were cringe worthy. There was one scene that was just so beautifully written, and I found it rather romantic because it was like they were actually making love instead of just gettin’ it on.

I would definitely recommend this book for other’s to read (that is if you don’t mind all the graphic stuff). Ms. James is an amazing story teller and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work!

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