Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lisa Andrade's Love Poem

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 

And now it's time for a love poem:) Lisa Andrade is one of the winner's of the "It's a Love Story" contest. Enjoy:)

Dedicated to My Darling Husband, Rudy…

Darling, It is only you I have loved ever since our romance first blossomed.
Like the most exquisite thorn-ridged rose, every fine romance deserves to blossom into something more beautiful & ravishing…
beyond our wildest imaginations, our wildest dreams, and our wildest fantasies…
beginning with the spice of life as the main ingredient.

Rudy, my darling, it is only you who is worthy of the highest praise because you love me for who I am, and let me be who I am meant to be.

I dedicate this poem to you:

A Fairytale Dream Come True

I've loved you ever since... our fairytale romance first blossomed.....

Once upon a time in a fairytale so magical                                                                      
there was a beautiful young princess
who lived in a castle nestled in the heart
of the most enchanted forest filled with emerald
green trees and autumn leaves of ruby,
amber brown, and yellow-orange with hues so golden.

This is not a story about a man with a golden
touch, or wizards and good witches with a magical
wand, or about a girl with a dog and ruby
red slippers. It’s a tale about a fairy princess
dreaming of a prince to capture her heart.

A whimsical fairy willing to share her heart,
she wears long braided curls in her golden
locks and has eyes of green like a pure emerald
stone. Her personality makes her a princess
so passionate and fair, her senses are so magical
and her lips of seduction are as red as a ruby.

Here comes her prince, he’s as rare as a ruby,
she yearns for him with every beat of her heart.
Her prince is the envy of every other princess.
Now is her moment, it is her golden
opportunity to share a wonderful and magical
life so precious, more precious than a stone of an emerald.

The prince’s chariot is adorned in gems of green emerald,
midnight blue sapphires, and the reddest stones of ruby.
He asks the princess to marry him with his own magical
words, to take his hand and his heart,
to be his bride and to live in a golden
palace where she will reside as his princess.

As she accepts his offer to be his princess,
he slides a ring on her finger aglow with an emerald,
with the band polished in 14 karat gold, so golden,
outlined with multiple stones in red ruby.
It’s a ring he designed for her right from his heart,
it’s a symbol of a lasting love so magical.

For this golden princess with eyes of emerald, lips of ruby and a magical heart,
dreams can come true as it did in this final chapter.
The prince and princess lived happily ever after...

And remember, darling… it is only you I have loved…
ever since our fairytale romance first blossomed.

-Lisa M. Andrade

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