Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My "Willow" by Linda Lael Miller Review

This is the only novel I have read (so far) of Ms. Miller’s, and I have to say that I’m looking forward to reading more. This, unlike the other novels I have reviewed so far, is a historical romance novel set in, you guessed it, the old west:) Here’s what it’s about:

Newly married Willow Gallagher loves and adores her new husband Gideon Marshall…most of the time. The other half of their time is spent bickering back and forth with each other due to both of their hot headedness and the fact that Gideon has been hired to bring in her famous outlaw brother Steven. And since Willow is the only one who has contact with him, well, she’s the perfect bait. As Gideon plays the part of loving husband, he can’t help but find himself actually falling in love with Willow. And Willow, desperately in love with Gideon, hides her true feelings as she knows that Gideon will leave her once he’s managed to capture her brother. Torn between the two men she loves most in this world, Willow must choose a side but no matter which side she chooses, it’s inevitable that she’ll be left with a broken heart.

Okay, so this book was very good if I so say so myself:) I really enjoy a good historical romance every once in a while because it really does transport you to a different time and place. I loved everything about this novel and the characters. I loved how Gideon had this hard exterior but wasn’t afraid to show a softer side when he was with Willow. And Willow truly earned the nickname “Hell Cat”. She is a real spitfire and one of those tough to tame types, but innocent at the same time. There was a part right in the beginning of the novel that had me laughing pretty good. It was right after she and Gideon kissed for the first time and she asks him, very seriously, “Can that make me pregnant?” Of course Gideon laughs and tells her no and she gets all mad and embarrassed, but it was just so cute and funny. There are more moments like that throughout the novel, and that mixed with the passion of the two characters is what makes this an awesome read.


kimba88 said...

i love Miller..and i love cowboys..yea-ha! Great review:)
I love your blog and look forward to more reviews. Member of GR Making Connections.

Sheryl said...

I grew up reading Linda Lael Miller. It's apparent my parents weren't monitoring what I read!! LOL! Great review. I love all of her work.

Kimberly Lewis said...

Thank you both very much! I'm glad you enjoyed my review:) I'm looking forward to reading more of her work, but I've gotta get through my TBR pile first, lol.