Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My "Charming Lily" by Fern Michaels Review

Okay, during this review you’ll probably notice that this is not going with the cowboy/western theme I seem to have with novels. And you’re right. This is nowhere near cowboy, at all. The only reason I read this book was because it was recommended to me by a fellow lover of romance novels. And although I was reluctant to read it (because there were no cowboys, lol) I did and I have to say that it was okay once I got into it. Here’s what it’s about:

Lily and Matt are getting married. This is their second attempt at a wedding seeing as Matt chickened out the first time and left Lily at the altar without so much as an explanation. But it seems that they are meant to be as Lily ever so kindly gives him a second chance. But on the eve of their wedding, Matt (the CEO of a computer software company) is kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned cabin. Lily, thinking Matt has once again made a fool of her, decides that enough is enough and wants nothing to do with him for the rest of her life. However, that is until Lily finds Matt’s dog Gracie just wandering around by herself (which is highly unusual seeing as Matt and Gracie were inseparable). Lily now realizes that something has happened to Matt and sets out on a journey with her best friend and a co-worker of Matt’s to find him before it’s too late. Lily also receives help from a pendant that she recently acquired from the old house she and Matt were to live in. The pendant (which she believes is just a normal necklace) has the ability to let her have visions and it’s these visions that help lead her to Matt.

It took me a really long time before I was able to really get into this. I went into it with the attitude that I wasn’t going to like it because it just wasn’t the type of romance novel I liked to read. And on a side note, if I were to categorize this novel I probably would call it more mystery/suspense rather than romance. For a good portion of the novel the couple aren't even together as Matt is locked away in an abandoned cabin and Lily is searching for him. There were a few times when I got bored and wanted to put it down, but I kept going. There were also some times when I got a little scared and wanted to hide the book somewhere, lol.  There were a couple of parts when Lily bursts into the visions and it literally sent a chill over my entire body. But then again I am a scaredy cat and the littlest things can frighten the bejesus out of me:) If you enjoy thrill, suspense and a little paranormal activity then you’re sure to like this novel.

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