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Attention Writers

A friend of mine told me about this website for writers and I thought I’d share it with you. I think there are some great resources and tips available, no matter what kind of writing you like to do. They also have lists of contests available as well as writer’s retreats. It’s a very helpful website and I’m glad she showed it to me:) Check it out:

What the...?

Okay, so I decided to just go for it and I downloaded one of Lorelei James' Rough Riders novels to my Kindle. If you all remember, I made a post last week about how I was interested in her work because I've heard good things about her. The only thing that was making me nervous was all the warning messages underneath the synopsis. I will admit that I had the mindset of, "How bad can it be, really?" All I can say is, "" Um...yeah...I think my jaw fell open in disbelief a few pages in and stayed that way until I decided that enough was enough. I got through 3 chapters and had to put it down, lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to post negative comments about her work. She is a very good writer and she is definitley talented...but it just was a little too graphic for my liking. I really wanted to give it a chance, so I briefly skimmed some of the pages further in looking for some sort of love story and it looks like there is...but ther…

Country Music Friday

I thought I’d start something new and see how well it goes:) A couple of months ago, I made a post about certain songs and how they inspire me to write (click here to read that post).  Now, although I am a lover of all kinds of music, I have to say that country is by far my favorite. It’s what I grew up listening to and, I don’t know, it just speaks to me. LOL. I just think that there is nothing better than a good old country love song sung by a good old country boy (or girl because we can’t leave out the ladies, LOL).

So let’s start this thing off with one of my favorite country love songs, “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” by Billy Currington. I love this song and I love the music video! This has to rank up there with every woman’s fantasy. Great love song? Check. Tropical setting? Check. Good looking guy without his shirt on? Check:) Seriously, what more could you ask for? Sigh. Enjoy:)

This gave me a chuckle...

I was reading Lorelei James’ blog the other day and I saw this joke that I just have to share with you all. Do you know when a woman wears a leather dress, a man’s heart beats quicker, his throat gets dry, he gets weak in the knees and he begins to think irrationally? Ever wonder why? It’s because she smells like a new truck:) Hmm? Wonder if there’s any truth to that? LOL. Speaking of Ms. Lorelei James…Has anyone read any of her novels before? I have heard many good things about her and I read her short story “Slow Ride” and liked it, but haven’t gone any further than that. I went to her website to see what other novels she had available, and I’ve got to admit that I got a little scared by all the “warning” messages underneath each book synopsis, LOL. If you’ve read any of her novels, let me know what you thought and which ones you’d recommend:) My TBR pile is dwindling down so I’m going to need some new reading material here soon!

My "I Love This Bar" by Carolyn Brown Review

This is the first book in Ms. Brown’s “Honky Tonk Series”, and like her novels before I was instantly hooked when I read the first few pages. I was kind of shocked when I started reading the first page and my mouth literally popped open in disbelief. The novel starts off with what seems to be a love scene, or at least that’s how I took it, and the reason my mouth popped open was because I couldn’t believe that the novel started off that way. But you quickly find out that it’s not a love scene but instead a collision between a man and a woman after the woman slipped on some beer that was spilled on the floor. Here’s the rest of the synopsis: Daisy O’Dell has only one love in her life, the beer joint she owns and runs. That is, until she bumps into (literally) sexy cowboy Jarod McElroy. Jared is in town taking care of this elderly uncle and  finds himself instantly attracted to Daisy. But, being the strong and stubborn woman that she is she doesn’t really give him the time of day. That i…

Suggestion Box

In an effort to keep things interesting, and not bore you all to death my rambling of complete nonsense (LOL), I'm looking for suggestions. What would you like to see more of on my blog? Are there any specific things you'd like for me to talk about? Don't be shy:) Shoot me an e-mail at with your suggestions/requests or feel free to post a comment below.

Dreary Day, A Great Meeting and Date Night

Boy yesterday was such a dreary day, and today doesn't look like it's going to be any different. Let me just say this now...I can't wait for summer. This cold, wet, nasty weather is horrible. 
Anyway, yesterday was a rather good day for me besides it being all disgusting outside. I had a business meeting in the morning with an editor and I'm very pleased with how well it went. I think this may be the start of a wonderful business relationship:) She is going to be re-editing my current novel, and as soon as she is done I will be re-uploading it to Amazon. 
Later on in the evening, my husband and I had the luxury of a date night. We got a babysitter and went out for dinner and a movie. Both were really good:) My husband and I are big fans of Mark Wahlberg movies so we went to see Contraband. It...was...AWESOME! He plays an ex-smuggler who has to get back into the business for one job in order to save his family's lives. It had tons of action and a few twists to keep yo…

What Do You Think?

So what do you all think of the new look of my blog? I personally really like it:) I know I've changed it up a million times (exaggerate much?) but I think I've FINALLY got it the way I want it to look. I think I'm going to add a few more tabs and I'll probably rearrange some things, but I'm going to leave the overall look of it alone. Well...for now at least:)

Just Checking In...

Hello everyone! I know you were probably thinking I fell off the face of the Earth, lol. No new blog post in a week? Who does that?

Things here have been pretty good lately. My book is still doing well on Amazon and I even received some more really nice reviews (both on Amazon and on Goodreads). I’ve been working on my next book in my spare time and I thought it was almost ready for editing but I have decided to rearrange some scenes and add some things. I was hoping to have this one out by summer at the latest but now I’m thinking it will be more towards the end of the year. Oh, and I was contacted by my local newspaper and they are interested in doing a feature on me and my book. I thought that was pretty neat:)

Other than that life has been pretty normal. My husband and I got some much needed couple time this weekend, which was a blast. We went to a Karaoke night, and before you ask…no we did not sing, lol. However, we did cheer our good friend on and she was amazing! We also played …

My "Charming Lily" by Fern Michaels Review

Okay, during this review you’ll probably notice that this is not going with the cowboy/western theme I seem to have with novels. And you’re right. This is nowhere near cowboy, at all. The only reason I read this book was because it was recommended to me by a fellow lover of romance novels. And although I was reluctant to read it (because there were no cowboys, lol) I did and I have to say that it was okay once I got into it. Here’s what it’s about:

Lily and Matt are getting married. This is their second attempt at a wedding seeing as Matt chickened out the first time and left Lily at the altar without so much as an explanation. But it seems that they are meant to be as Lily ever so kindly gives him a second chance. But on the eve of their wedding, Matt (the CEO of a computer software company) is kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned cabin. Lily, thinking Matt has once again made a fool of her, decides that enough is enough and wants nothing to do with him for the rest of her life.…

Dear Reader

I’ve received quite a few reviews so far for my first novel When the Heart Falls. Some are good and... some are not so good. 

If you by any chance haven’t seen some of the reviews, one of the main complaints is about the grammar. I am thoroughly embarrassed that these things went unnoticed before I uploaded my book to Amazon’s website. I am not completely uneducated about the uses of your/you’re and to/too, etc. But as some of you may know, when you are writing and are in the moment of a certain scene you tend to make some stupid grammar mistakes because you are trying to put your vision into words. As the author of the project, you read it over and over again which makes it hard to catch those kinds of errors because you are so involved in the work. I did have friends and family members read over it as well but unfortunately some errors still slipped through. Although I appreciate them doing that, I now realize that that was not the way to go. I know this doesn’t excuse the issue and …

Today's the last day!

Just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day of my book's FREE promotion! It's currently holding the #2 spot in Amazon's Top 100 Free Contemporary Romance and the #8 spot in Amazon's Top 100 Free Best Sellers. I'd also like to mention that it's holding the #1 spot in Amazon's Top Free 100 Western Romances in France and Germany. Thank you to everyone to helped get me here by downloading a copy! Your support is greatly appreciated:)

I also received some new reviews! Thank you to everyone who posted their honest opinions and I am thrilled that you enjoyed reading it!

Here's what people are saying:

Cojunk from Amazon gave it 5 Stars:
I really enjoyed this novel, couldn't put it down! It is an excellent first novel for Kimberly Lewis, and i look forward to reading more from her. Dylan and Misty are great together and it has such a fulfilling ending, that doesn't disappoint.

Mlyle from Amazon gave it 4 Stars:
I really enjoyed reading this book…

My "Willow" by Linda Lael Miller Review

This is the only novel I have read (so far) of Ms. Miller’s, and I have to say that I’m looking forward to reading more. This, unlike the other novels I have reviewed so far, is a historical romance novel set in, you guessed it, the old west:) Here’s what it’s about:

Newly married Willow Gallagher loves and adores her new husband Gideon Marshall…most of the time. The other half of their time is spent bickering back and forth with each other due to both of their hot headedness and the fact that Gideon has been hired to bring in her famous outlaw brother Steven. And since Willow is the only one who has contact with him, well, she’s the perfect bait. As Gideon plays the part of loving husband, he can’t help but find himself actually falling in love with Willow. And Willow, desperately in love with Gideon, hides her true feelings as she knows that Gideon will leave her once he’s managed to capture her brother. Torn between the two men she loves most in this world, Willow must choose a side…

Somebody Pinch Me!

Where to begin.....

Today has been such a crazy, wonderful, amazing day. It is the 2nd day of my books free promotion and over 24,000 people have now downloaded it. Ah! 24,000 people have read my book in the US alone. I'm just baffled right now because I never, ever, ever expected this. I hope that everyone who has downloaded it so far is enjoying reading it. And I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but I can't thank you all enough. I swear if I were the crying type I'd be weeping tears of joy, lol. 

I also received two more reviews on my books amazon page, a 2 star and a 5 star. Now, I know most authors wouldn't even mention a 2 star review, but, I appreciate that reader taking the time to read my novel and providing me with constructive criticism. And I was completely shocked when I saw that new 5 star review! Thank you very much Michele Broczkowski! I am so happy that you liked it that much that you stayed up all night reading it:) And just to le…

A Great Start to the New Year!

What a way to start the New Year!  As you know from my previous post, yesterday was the first day of the week long free promotion of my book. Now, I’ll be honest with you. Since November I’ve sold maybe a total of 20 copies, which is completely understandable because I am an unknown first time author with her first novel.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a bit skeptical to pay to read something from someone who I’ve never heard of. So in an effort to reach a greater audience I decided to set my list price at free to see if more people would download it. Was it successful? Um, I’m gonna say yeah. Around 8:30 AM yesterday I decided to check my sales just to see if anyone had downloaded it yet. Log in, 205 downloads. Whoa! That’s a pretty big jump from the 20 I was able to sell in two months, lol. I tell my husband and he’s just as surprised as I am. We go about our daily tasks and around 10:30 AM I decide to check my sales again. Log in, 757. Are you serious? I’m beyond exc…

Free Promo This Week Only!

January 2nd through January 6th my book, When the Heart Falls, will be available for free download through Amazon! Get your copy today! Happy reading!