Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sugar High:)

We (my Mom, my son, and myself) had a blast yesterday at the cookie exchange and I think we took home enough cookies and candies to keep us nice and hyper through Valentine's Day:) I have to admit, it was probably one of the most fun cookie exchanges I have ever been to. We played a few games, got to eat lots of yummy food and tasted tons and tons of cookies. Oh, and just a little side note. My son does not like Santa Claus. Santa decided to make a special trip to visit with the children there at the cookie exchange and the minute my son caught sight of him he lost it. I mean we're talking about crying, screaming and clinging to me for dear life:( I hope we have better results next weekend because we are planning on going to visit him when he makes another special trip to the Eastern Shore:) Moving on, shopping was also a success:) I was able to get everything I needed and I think everyone is really going to enjoy their presents. So, after having such a busy day yesterday I am spending my morning relaxing with my family. We have a belated Thanksgiving Dinner to go to this afternoon that I have been anxiously waiting for for about three weeks now, lol. Nobody makes chicken and dumplings like my grandmother...that woman has a gift! Maybe one day I'll get to be as good as she is:)

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