My "One Lucky Cowboy" by Carolyn Brown Review

Okay, so this is book two in Ms. Brown’s “Lucky Series”. This one was my favorite of the three. I found myself laughing out loud during most parts and holding my breath with anticipation during others. Here we go:

Jane Day is on the run from a hired assassin and takes refuge on a ranch in Texas thanks to Nellie Luckadeau, who hires her on as temporary help. Nellie’s grandson Slade on the other hand feels that his grandmother is asking for trouble by bringing home some stranger that they know nothing about. As Slade and Jane attempt to live under the same roof, they prove it is a difficult task as they butt heads whenever they are around one another. But soon one thing leads to another and the two of them find themselves civil and maybe even liking each other. That is, until Slade learns that Jane is not who she says she is. Trouble enters with a capital “T” and now it’s up to Slade to keep Jane safe from harm.

So what happens next you ask? Will Slade come riding in on his white horse and save the day? Will he and Jane live happily ever after? I dunno:) You’ll have to read it and find out.