Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My "Getting Lucky" by Carolyn Brown Review

This is the final installment of Ms. Brown’s “Lucky Series” and I have to admit that this one had me laughing hysterically and just goes to show you that kids really do say the darndest things. Here’s what it’s about:
Julie Donovan is making a new life for her and her five year old daughter Annie. But, just when she thinks that things are going great, she’s visited with a blast from the past when a man enters her classroom with a daughter who is the spitting image of her own child.
Griffin Luckadeau has no idea who Julie Donovan is but finds it an odd coincidence that their daughters could literally pass for twins. After a few awkward meetings and heated arguments between Griffin and Julie, it’s revealed that the girls are definitely related…
That’s all I’m telling you:) If you want to know what happens next you’ll have to read it. I have to admit, I hated to finish this book because I knew it was the end of a really wonderful series. The women in this series are strong willed, don’t back down from anything and aren’t afraid to throw a punch here and there. And the Luckadeau men are truly captivating and I’m sure if they really existed every cowboy loving woman would be moving to Texas/Louisiana to find them:)

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